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Services to Supplement Lead Capturing

Dozens of answering service companies offer their lead capture services. However, not all companies realize that such services alone cannot guarantee that businesses won't lose their leads. As one of the leaders in the answering service industry, we realize that businesses need a full package of professional lead capture services to meet their needs. We have learned that only a complex set of quality services in our company can make businesses confident that they are dealing with their customers in an articulate and polite manner.

Our services to supplement lead capturing include appointment setting, live call transfer, and immediate message delivery. We believe that no lead capturing is possible without helping businesses to schedule their appointments and giving them a unique opportunity to work on complex appointment scheduling platforms. We develop appointment setting systems that are fully customizable and adjustable to your business capabilities and needs. We link our lead capture services to easily accessible applications including Yahoo Calendar and Google Calendar. That helps us to make the process of capturing leads extremely easy. Our live call transfer services add value to the basic lead capture services package.

You have always dreamed of having a professional live operator who works every day, 24 hours, does not ask for holidays and vacations, and does not need salary. Our live call transfer service is an excellent supplement to the basic set of lead capture services we currently provide. We do not merely transfer calls but make sure that they are in the right hands. This is how we make your customers satisfied. We transfer your calls in accordance with your policies and protocols. Our live call transfer turns our lead capture services into a logical extension of your business: we provide customers with the support and information you would provide from your own office.

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Ultimately, immediate message delivery makes us different from the prevailing majority of our competitors. Every call we accept and every message we take we immediately transfer through a multitude of communication channels, including emails, SMS, or instant messaging, which speeds up the provision of quality customer service. Immediate message delivery turns leads into sales.

Our lead capture services package targets the multiple needs of our business customers and supports them in their way to profitability and business success.

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