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Small Business Phone Answering Service

Small Business Phone Answering Service24 Answering offers quality small business phone answering services. Since the main need of the small company owner is to keep his expenses as low as possible, our answering service might be your best solution. Your customers deserve quality support and personal attention. No automated machine can give you this. Only a live operator taking each customer’s call can help you. Many small firms try not to use various automated systems like voicemail, answering machines, etc. It might be one of the biggest mistakes concerning your budgeting. Automated replies often lead to hang-ups or missed calls, and as a result missed sales, and lost money. When a troubled customer can talk to a live operator, speaking in your company name, it can bring immediate relief. When your potential customer calls to ask few more questions before making a final decision, nothing can be worse than a robot. Our live agents will handle your customers’ complaints, give relevant information and generally perform the functions of your in-office secretary or receptionist.

Small businesses keep the country economy growing. Many customers tend to choose small business services over big corporations because they need professional care. Thus success of your small company depends of quality customer service you provide. If your customer support is not available to your clients around the clock, then you cannot help them appropriately. Many customers will turn to your competitors. Our telephone operators are able to offer you professional live service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.


What Will You Get Using Our Service?


  • Customized small business account set up to your special needs.
  • Quality support and personal attention of experienced operators skilled at dispatching, leads generation, sales, appointment scheduling, order management and calls management.
  • Our live operator will answer your calls according to your instructions.
  • Full-time or part-time live support of your services or products.


Small business phone answering services can be used on month to month basis. You have no long term commitments. We suggest special prices for those willing to use our services for lengthy periods. Our live operators are trained according to your instructions before taking your calls. You choose what information to give about your company, services, products. You set up all the specifications from urgent calls dispatching to messages delivery.


Each Telephone Call Counts for Small Business. You Can Choose Additional Features of Our Small Business Phone Answering Services:


  • Emergency Calls Dispatching: When setting your personal account, you provide 24 Answering with detailed instructions as to urgent calls. Then our live operators will follow your guidelines precisely. They may either send you txt to your mobile phone or transfer a call to you directly.
  • Advanced Call Center: Many private entrepreneurs and small firms get most of their income in special seasons. We can provide special seasonal answering services on month to month basis.
  • Inbound Calls: If you or your receptionist are overwhelmed with incoming calls, we can configure your telephone system to transfer your calls to us when your line is busy. Stop missing important calls!
  • After Hours Answering: If your office closes, your business can still work for you. Our live agents are available 24 hours a day. You may use our services to extend your working hours.
  • Web Call Center: Many on-line retailers do not have any office or receptionist working solely on the web. Yet not many customers are willing to buy from virtual business without talking to any person. Address our live operators to support your web based business in the real world.


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Our live operators come from various backgrounds, so we can provide the most efficient small business phone answering services around the clock. What’s more?


To learn more about our small business phone answering service, contact us today.