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Up Selling Services & Cross Selling Services

It's a proven fact that your business expenses for attracting a new customer will always exceed those for keeping an existing client. Thus, taking advantage of every sales transaction is a great way of increasing your sales. 24 Answering suggests using the most popular methods of achieving this - cross-selling and up-selling. Cross-selling, is about adding related products to those your customer is already purchasing. In up-selling, you bring your customers to more expensive purchases instead of originally intended goods. These advanced sales techniques can not only increase your sales, but also introduce your customers some new products or services. Thus, a one-time client can turn into a long-time customer. Or, at least, you can increase the planned value of your customer's purchase.

24 Answering up-selling services will draw your prospective customer's attention to a service/product of greater quality and at higher cost. 24 Answering staff uses cross-selling technique to provide information of some product/service associated with the main point-of-sale that your customer is primarily interested in. Our representatives can offer a special deal, discount or upgrade that your callers were previously not aware of. If your customer agrees to such an offer, you will obviously get a chance to earn more.

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24 Answering up-selling and cross-selling services are provided by highly skilled agents. We train them to:

  • Always make sure that the items they will cross-sell are absolutely relevant to those your prospective customer is about to purchase. Otherwise, you may lose the deal and even the customer.
  • Identify your top-customers, since repeat-buying habits will bring success to your sales.
  • Be always courteous and never pushy, additional techniques should seem natural.

If your company already has a solid customer base, 24 Answering cross selling services will attract your clients to some other staff or new products. When you already know your returning customers' needs, cross selling is a perfect way to increase sales.

Up Selling and Cross Selling Benefits

24 Answering suggests using up selling and cross selling services to increase your sales rates. 24 Answering skilled agents will learn about your special offers currently available and effectively introduce them to your callers. How will you benefit from up selling and cross selling services?

  • Increase your sales
  • Increase efficiency of your investment selling more products with each order
  • Reduce advertising costs
  • Build lasting relations with your prospective customers

When 24 Answering agents get an order over the phone or call some client who has previously ordered from you, they will feature your new product or deal. Each of your customers will be pleased with your services and your products, and will get a personalized attention when purchasing from your company.

If you decide ordering our up selling and / or cross selling service, our agents will help you to set up a customized script that will be used for dealing with your clients. We may either follow a script that your company develops, or you can simply inform us on special offers you want us to include.

24 Answering agents guarantee using their knowledge of human psycology when communicating with your clients. There are certain rules to be strictly observed when dealing with your customers and the most important of them is:

  • The customer is always right.

You may lose your temper when dealing with endless annoying questions, but 24 Answering agents always treat your clients politely. Every business call is handled with proper care and patience. Each your customer will be privileged to feel him/herself as your the only customer.

Properly used up selling and cross selling techniques can maximize your income. 24 Answering agents will boost your customer loyalty. We know how important it is to sell your product; hence, leaving positive impression is not less important. We can increase your sales in a matter of weeks using these proven techniques. It's in human nature to always wish to know what other people are buying. Our agents successfully use this trait especially when you clients consider making a purchase. They are trained in selling add-on products through the recommendations of other buyers. 24 Answering customer service reps can transform any routine call into a selling opportunity.

With 24 Answering intelligent technological solutions we analyse far-reaching database of past purchasing consumer patterns, evaluate the tendency of your sales, and then follow it customizing your products or services offers accordingly. This intelligent practice gives you a perfect chance of increasing sales with very reasonable investment.

For more information about 24 Answering up-selling and cross-selling strategies call us today or contact 24 Answering online.

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