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Dealer Locator Service

Locating the nearest franchise is one of the most used answering services. If your company has several offices or representatives, your customers will definitely prefer using the closest one to them. Why would they spend extra on shipping if they can choose the closest seller?

24 Answering dealer locator service will give your prospective clients an option of getting in touch with the nearest office. We will connect your clients with the most conveniently placed seller, contractor or representative. Our dealer locating service is available 24 hours 7 days a week. Its representatives will cooperate with the existing call center following your detailed instructions. We offer various options for your business. We may either use a dealer locate interface, already installed on your business website, or we can create a customized application just for you. You dealer locating service will be built into our call center software. Your callers will be provided with the required information exactly when it is needed the most.

24 Answering dealer locator service is very popular with our clients since using our virtual support results in real sales. It will be very easy for prospective customers to find the closest branch of your company. The closest dealer can be found by zip code, telephone etc. Our agents can also collect feedback and give them to your sales staff. The accurate record is always kept so you can always review the results. We can create the most appropriate application regardless the services you offer or products you sell. 24 Answering works with various companies and understands that your requirements can differ from those given by the previous agencies. All our accounts are completely customizable.

Dealer Locating Service is Very Affordable

Advertising investments should be made wisely. Any kind of advertisement you put on TV, radio, Internet or printed media should be supported by customer services. Otherwise you will loose your money. 24 Answering call center offers a very affordable solution for your company. The only way for your business to reduce its expenses is to use reasonably priced call center services. 24 Answering service is absolutely capable of managing any call center application, including dealer locator services. Answering service representatives will help you run your business successfully, strongly supporting your advertising campaign. On the other hand, there is no better solution to reduce your expenses. 24 Answering call center is equipped with modern technologies to process even the largest dealer locator applications. If your business has franchises, your callers will dial your main number and 24 Answering operator will refer them to the closest service or dealer in their area. 24 Answering is perfectly equipped to provide excellent dealer locator services. Our current clients range from small service companies to big corporations with many offices in every state.

We suggest two options of dealer locating by 24 Answering call center. First is locating a dealer on referrals. 24 Answering can put all of your locations into a custom search module, obtain area information from your clients, then insert it into our module, and come up with the closest area. We can always use a search function alredy performed on your web site. 24 Answering also provides criteria based match as alternative option.24 Answering agents can connect your customers with the closest office providing the required service.

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