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Inbound Order Taking

Each call from your customer is an opportunity to increase your sales. What happens when you are not available to take the orders from your prospective customers? In this case they will place orders on other websites that is on those of your competitors. Telephone and online support for e-commerce venues will improve communication and reduce shopping cart abandonment.

24 Answering staff is a profitable addition to your sales and/or customer support team. We serve various companies of all sizes, working in different industries. Our services are an effective, appropriate  way of managing our inbound order taking services. It can benefit any business. We are never afraid to spend extra time and effort to understand special needs of your business and offer attractive options for your success.

Our order taking team can provide numerous advantages for your business such as live chat service, 24/7 e-mail response, outbound sales follow up and inbound order entries.

24 Answering creates personalized accounts for small, mid-sized businesses and large corporations to give our inbound order taking services. Small businesses can benefit from customer service support, help desk services, a toll free number and live web chat services. Speaking about bigger accounts or enterprise level accounts, 24 Answering can become your complete call center solution. We are able to handle multiple inbound and outbound calls. Our specialists will take your orders, and provide such options as customer follow up, customer care, up selling, cross-selling, etc.

After you started an e-commerce website, television commercial, product catalogue, or other marketing campaign you need to be sure that your money would not be wasted. The experts of our company will assist in increasing the sales rates from your investment. Our inbound call center staff is trained to assist with sales. Our employees can effectively answer any questions regarding your product, and carefully suggest other services you provide.

Our virtual staff will replace your sales representative. Our specialists are trained to identify and suggest other products from your price-list that might complement your customer's current purchase. Cross-selling can increase the value of your marketing campaign and demonstrate additional products for the buyer while increasing your potential sales. 24 Answering live operators have experience in up-selling. They usually suggest every prospective customer to upgrade their selection to a high-end model. The main demand to every representative is to be always courteous and friendly with clients.

Easily Customizable Accounts

24 Answering accounts can be easily customized to adapt to any changes in your business. We accommodate alternatives to traditional phone-based sales and order taking. The increasing popularity of live web chat service means a growing need for constant contact with your customers. Our staff can chat with your prospective customers 24/7. E-mail is still the most popular way of inquiring about your products or services. Our team can manage your e-mail orders. We suggest countless possibilities for using web forms to collect and integrate your customer information with your sales process.

Different communications channels will give your customers more options, and as a result make business cooperation more effective. 24 Answering will integrate all these inbound and outbound channels to increase your sales. We will make your marketing strategy more effective.

Our unique approach to customer communication makes us the best among the companies offering inbound order taking services. We can help you with opening up multiple communication channels for your customers so that they can get in touch with you around the clock. We can answer your e-mail inquiries and your inbound calls, we offer live chat and click-to-call services on your website. 24 Answering service can increase your sales offering many communication opportunities for inbound order taking.

If you don't have an opportunity to answer your business calls and provide instant customer service address us. If you are concerned with increasing salaries, you need touse our service to keep the costs of your business as low as possible.

Contact us today and entrust your orders handling to professionals.

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