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24 Answering Lead Capture Agents

Lead capturing with your web site is getting popular. Although it does has benefits, please consider the reverse side of the medal. One of the most reliable keys to your success with any business is to step out of your seller shoes and into your potential customer’s ones. Learn to think like your clients do and you will see how your sales will grow. A majority of your visitors will simply leave your business site as soon as they are requested to give any personal information; and another proved fact is that 25% of web site visitors give false personal data. Asking for personal information often results in losing potential clients.

24 Answering service suggests professional assistance to its clients. We can answer calls, set appointments and dispatch instantly, 24 Answering provides expert lead capture services. Our live answering service has professional team of online representatives, fully trained to operate as an extension of your company. We hire experienced staff so that your calls are answered almost immediately, with very short hold time. Many companies loose their valuable leads, and never even know what they could have gained. With 24 Answering your business will be assured that every effort is made to capture your leads and then turn them into sales. We can help you establish an e-mail marketing campaign , then convert your traffic into leads, and leads into potential customers.

24 Answering call agents actually enjoy talking with all the callers…I could feel it personally. The agent who talked to me was very sympathetic, and not only that she helped to solve the software problem, I can tell she was trully interested in my success. Such people are not often found…moreover it’s amazing how much this approach changes the whole thing.”

Satisfied Customer

24 Answering average call center specialist has been with us for 5 to 7 years. Your clients will get support of professional, knowledgeable person who actually enjoys representing your company on the phone. Disregarding to the industry you work in, 24 Answering call center agents are extensively trained to meet customers' needs. 24 Answering concentrates on keeping each agent “special.” Our personnel is required to take part in 3 on-going courses per year.

Who Can Order 24 Answering Lead Capture Services

Our lead capture services can make prefect addition to any business. If your company can not answer your telephone 24/7, you surely need to use our services. We can assist any professionals from doctors to plumbers needing help with appointment scheduling. We are a perfect solution for real estate agents and insurance companies, we provide the best lead capture services for car rentals or travel agents. Contractors and dentists have benefited from our 24 hour availability and operator expertise in capturing leads.

Advertisement Generated Leads

Advertising campaigns via Internet, printed media, TV or radio will definitely generate interest in your product or service. But it’s a long way from your prospective customer’s interest to a purchase. What will happen if your potential customer rings to your answering machine or when your website visitor has some inquiry and has to speak to a company representative?

24 Answering agents are experienced in dealing with all types of marketing leads, even high volume of telephone calls generated with successful marketing campaign.

  • Direct Mail Advertising: Direct mail campaigns still result in public interest and subsequently their telephone calls. If you make an investment in generation of leads with posting cards, brochures, newsletters, or any other type of direct mail advertising, we can follow up capturing every lead.
  • Radio Advertising: Radio advertising still gets great response. Although all your marketing efforts can be in vain, if you are badly prepared to handle the following telephone calls. You will waste your time and money loosing leads. When targeting at huge audience by internet radio, only professional lead capture service can make every generated lead result into sale.
  • Television Advertisement: Advertising on television requires substantial investment. You will most likely receive lots of calls from interested buyers, but if they are not managed with great care and attention, your prospective customers will be gone. 24 Answering call center can offer lead capture services and overflow support to assist with mass calling after television advertisements or commercials appeared.
  • Web Advertising: Web advertising is bringing significant results if handled properly. 24 Answering lead capturing services can take your customers’ calls around the clock. Internet visitors may often respond to your ads in after hours, holidays or weekends - when you are unavailable. These services can be extention of your office 24/7/365.

Advertising budget is a waste if it is not followed with leads tracking, qualifying and analysing. 24 Answering agents have every possibility to make the most out of each captured lead.

Contact 24 Answering today. Let our professional lead capture agents bring profit to your business.

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