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Lead Generation Services

Your prospective business relationship starts when a client decides to call your company. Have you ever thought that improving your communication with callers you could get more quick sales, and even capture those you could have missed in the past?

The emlpoyee answering your phone has one-time opportunity to generate a lead or start building a strong relationship with your caller that may result in a sale or even a number of subsequent sales. Let our experts become “The Face” of your company. Leads generation is effectively done by specialists with proper experience. 24 Answering offers professional lead generation services to establish sales ready leads. It attracts prospective customers. We can provide the follow-up services: take your customers’ orders, process them and even close the sale.

Lead Generation Services for Sales of Any Compexity

24 Answering can generate, qualify, process and follow-up leads for simple or complex sale. We always start with studying your business. Professional staff first identifies the key points of your business. We want to have sufficient knowledge of your company structure, products and services to qualify sales ready leads. Our highly skilled teams of consultants can achive any type of sales you might be interested in.

Our the most populat technique is outbound telemarketing. Our call center agents start with screening the list for sales ready leads. We suggest you cost-effective solutions relieving you from the daily duty of constantly answering your telephone. Our agents are trained to understand telephone sales techniques. They will do their best to help you achieve your business goals. Complete services include the following options:

  • Appointment Scheduling: It is probably the most popular service. Our staff will make an appointment with your customer for you. We can also transfer the lead to your sales department.
  • Qualifying Your Leads: Qualification is absolutely necessary part of any service. Our specialists will separate customers being interested in your business from those those who are ready to purchase something.
  • Reactivating Your Leads: 24 Answering will develop a plan of re-connecting your business to your existing clients. We apply great marketing techniques to encourage their interest.
  • Managing Your Leads: It is perhaps the hardest part of the whole process. Our representatives can contact your lead, follow up with it, and qualify it in order to get to the final sale. Our experts are trained to give you professional assistance.
  • Generating Your Leads: Exhibitions, seminars and registrations are perfect ways of leads generation. Our company can handle your next master-class, conference or promotion event registrations.
  • Inquiry Processing: 24 Answering provides also inbound telephone calls services 24 hours a day. You will never lose any prospective customer as our experienced agents are real professionals.
  • Lead Follow-up Services: Following up every lead is a key to success in sales. You can grab as many opportunities as you want but only finalized sale really matters. Our experts will work according to your guidelines.

24 Answering can effectively generate leads for any products or services. We guarantee that all plans are worked out by qualified specialists. Our sales experience of managing hundreds of campaigns will bring you guaranteed results. Our call center agents use moden software and up-to-date technologies in order to cooperate with your clients effectively. Best employees and extensive training can meet and exceed your expectations. We are your best choice for outsourcing lead generation.  You can rest assured that we offer reasonable prices.

24 Answering services have numerous benefits:

  • All the information is provided in an electronic format on a daily basis, it is easily accessible and printed
  • 24 Answering will give the most important information to your sales person. It includes contact name, address, e-mail, phone, directions, special comments and appropriate time to visit or call.
  • We can also transfer the call to your sales department on request!
  • Our IT specialsts give information in any database format convinient for import into the software you currently use.
  • Our company records every lead we generate in digital format so it can be easily verified or controlled.

Contact us today to see how 24 Answering lead generation services will bring new prospects to your business.