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Creating a Local Impression When You Aren’t Local

Answering a telephone your staff has a favourable, one-time opportunity to start the process of creating a strong relationship with your prospective customer. Generally speaking, the person answering your phone is actually “The Face” of your business. If your prospective clients do not believe your staff or if your phone is answered with an answering machine you will probably loose this opportunity. If your caller doesn’t feel positive about your company or the relationship with your representatives, no further cooperation is possible. Every customer wnats to buy something from a person they feel they know, like and trust.

When people search for some service they usually prefer to use a local one. Somehow it does help to create the proper impression of your prospect. If you use geographic numbers for your business, you will easily create a proper local impression. Even if your business or service is absolutely not local.

At 24 Answering we set affordable prices on geographic numbers for all states and areas of the USA. You can choose any area you want, and then 24 Answering will help direct your calls from the chosen number to your personal one. Your customers would never find out that any transfer was made. Your personal line will be always free. Speaking about the land line, we offer a low monthly rent, charged per minute of each call.

If you run an online business, your location won’t really matter. Your customer simply need to be able to keep in touch with you at any time convenient for them. The most important for your clients is that you answer every single call. Each prospective or current client should be treated with respect.

When you decide to use geographic numbers, you can get a big advantage over your competitors. When your prospects look through a phone book or any internet directory to find a suitable service, they are more likely to dial your local number, aren't they?

It is important to answer your phone calls quickly and professionally. If you take positive and useful approach to all customers, they will be happy to work with you. In this case, your business will attract more clients. Your revenues will increase and you will have a brilliant reputation.

24 Answering live operators are thoroughly trained to provide reliable and professional  assistance for your clients

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