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Customer Service Annoyances to Avoid

Quality customer service is the backbone of any company. Promotions and slash prices can attract lots of new customers but if you can’t make some of those reterning ones, you won't earn good profits for a long time. Good customer service starts with bringing your customers back. It is very important to provide efficient services in order to satisfy your clients. Is your customer satisfied enough to give positive feedback on your company? Some people may try your product or use your service because of favourable feedback given by your clients.

If you're a good in sales you can sell anything once. Though, only your approach to customer service determines whether you can sell something that person again. Good customer service means forming a positive relationship with your clients. Do you have good relationship with every your customer? A detailed survey was conducted. Many consumers were asked about the issues irritating them most in buying process. The top two annoying points were - no live operator available on the phone and hidden fees.

Are you annoyed when you can’t get in touch with a live customer service operator? No option to speak to a customer representative! What is more frustrating for consumers? Robots and automated machines take their time away and provide no solutions. How many times should your client phone you in order to get in touch with your receptionist or customer support agent?

So many questions lead to the only conclusion: Answer Your Phone

What if you are not able to do so? What if your business is too small to have a full-time secretary. It may happen that your receptionist can not answer all the incoming calls and you can’t afford to hire new staff. Now it is possible! 24 Answering services are available 24/7. We provide full-time, part-time or seasonal support to any business at a very affordable price.

We can provide call forwarding, appointment scheduling or answering service. Hire 24 Answering staff to make your business profitable. Make sure that someone will pick up the phone when your prospective or current clients call your company. Notice that "someone" and not "something" will pick your phone. People, calling your agency, want to talk to a person and they will be very disappointed with a fake "recorded voice" or robot. Only a live operator can give your clients considerable support.

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Your business will soon become famous for your quality customer service. The most important thing is that in a short period of time it will bring you more new customers than any promotions and reduced prices ever could.

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