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Call Answering Service without Holidays and Weekends

Evolution and technological advancement cover every single aspect of business and personal lives. Call answering services are no exception. They become more sophisticated embedded into complex Internet solutions and software systems. We at 24 Answering constantly monitor the development of current call answering technologies and rely on the principles of innovativeness and technical sophistication in our relations with customers. We break the myth of outdated answering services. Just a few years ago, call centers exemplified old fashioned boards of chords and telephone devices, which were too slow to manage all incoming calls effectively. Today, we spread the message of innovation and seamless integration of telephone and internet technologies into a single, well-operating system of customer support. What used to be impossible a few years ago becomes possible for everyone working with 24 Answering.

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Call Answering Services & Phone Call Help

Modern call answering services operate like offsite centralized call centers, where operators work collectively to answer thousands of inbound and outbound calls. Outsourcing is getting more popular, and traditional in-house contact centers are getting obsolete. Companies move their call centers overseas to reduce their expenses and overhead costs. In the meantime, we remain committed to US-based principles of call handling service and provide high quality and language-proficient answering services applying current call answering technologies. We also provide thousands of American workers with well-paid jobs. We care about our customers and country and want to contribute to its economic growth.

Call Attendants Ensuring Call Answering Services

Phone call answering has a number of strong advantages over conventional Intelligent Voice Recognition. IVR systems are not designed for dealing with emergency situations: our call answering services are provided by a team of qualified live operators who can re-direct conversations and manage even the most challenging situations. However, we do not also forget that these services are primarily created to answer telephone calls. We work without holidays and weekends. We keep you prepared for the most unexpected situations.

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