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24 Answering Live Receptionists

24 Answering live receptionist is hired after thorough testing and professional assessment. Our HR department has very strong policy of choosing only highly qualified and courteous individuals with perfect backgrounds. After that, the future receptionists are extensively trained to get to know all necessary details about your business. They will manage your potential customers' calls giving the information they ask for. Our staff will strictly follow your instructions while managing your calls. Your new virtual receptionist is a perfect way of improving your customer service, as we provide only professional services of the highest quality.

Our sophisticated software assist virtual receptionists to learn your business and its strategy. The only difference between your in-office staff and virtual receptionist is that we operate from our contact center. Your callers will not see any difference since every aspect of the call will be managed in accordance with your instructions.

Turn to 24 Answering Live Receptionist as Missed Calls Result in Lost Money

If you own some business, you definitely know that missed telephone calls result in lost opportunities, you lose your customers' trust, your potential sales, and your money accordingly. Obviously, our market suggests other options like answering machine, voicemail, all sorts of automated reply. You can also rely on expensive in-office receptionist. Although automated services are relatively cheap, they will never give personal touch of live communication. Most people get so frustrated with robot replying to their call, they simply hang up on it and call another company. Your in-office staff is great, but can you be 100% sure that they will answer your calls during the lunch time or weekends? Can you actually afford hiring 24/7 receptionist? 24 Answering live receptionist is the best solution for you as we are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and provide professional services of the highest quality at a reasonable price!

24 Answering Live Receptionist

We Provide Professional Services of the Highest Quality

Among other benefits of hiring a professional remote receptionist is its affordable price, which is, probably, the most important factor. It is definitely cheaper than hiring an in-office receptionist. It will also save the money you would spend on office rent, taxes, sick leaves, etc. It is true that remote receptionist is more expensive than your voicemail. But automated reply can lead to losing a customer and what is worse, tarnish your reputation. Most of your callers expect some immediate reaction when they dialing your number. They will be very disappointed to hear a robot.

We have created a perfect balance between quality live answering and price. 24 Answering live receptionist will never let you down!

Our Live Support agents will gladly give you any additional information on our remote receptionist services. Stop losing your opportunities with missed calls!