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Dispatch Service

In modern business world, the role of live answering services and call operators have changed greatly. It is not just answering calls like it used to be before. If you want to succeed in answering service industry, you need to provide far more different functions. One of such functions is specialized dispatch services, which are a vital tool in answering service process. They serve to prevent customers from any problems that may occur and require immediate action and assistance. 24 Answering provides dispatch and paging services to our customers. A dispatch service is a process when a message is taken by a call center operator and dispatched to the recipient. Every member of our call center staff is responsible for sending and receiving messages as well as tracking and recording all crucial information.

Emergency Specialized Dispatch Services for All Industries

Our call center provides different functions assisting any type of business in dispatch and message services. We can offer quick response and communications, administration service, equipment and vehicle tracking, warranty tracking, managing vendor information, etc. Your business needs our specialized dispatch services and emergency paging services because we provide:

  • Top level dispatching service and quality emergency paging service nationwide
  • 24 hour 'Whenever You Need Us' service
  • Backup support
  • Redundancy with our information transmission
  • Customized accounts
  • We understand the importance of emergency calls

Specialized Dispatch Services

Using dispatch service is not effective without quality emergency paging service. Emergency messages could be sent in critical situations to fire and police department, emergency medical services, trucking companies, public utility companies, taxicab suppliers, train stations, etc. 24 Answering Service specializes in these fields providing live voice call center services. We are aware of the fact that people prefer live operators to automated voicemails or IVR paging services in order to feel protected and secure.

Specialized Dispatch Services Exceed the Needs of Our Customers 

Customers calling your answering service center require immediate response and attention. They do not want to wait and need your assistance right away. Emergency paging service agents prepare each customer's call for dispatch. Our trained dispatcher knows how to handle this task and gives professional support immediately. 24 Answering guarantees our customers high quality specialized dispatch services and provides trustworthy and professional assistance.

We know how to provide the best services to our clients according to your company's script and instructions in an efficient and effective manner 24/7/365!