Customer Service in 2014

Customer Service in 2014

Things that have been popular 10 years ago have no place in today’s society because of their irrelevance. Business tools that have successfully been utilized years ago are no longer effective in terms of today’s business processes. Things change as this world develops; and in order to succeed one has to keep one’s business up-to-date with modern developments. Customer service is no exception. Clients expect more and more as technology develops and companies are discovering new methods of ensuring a better customer experience.

What Customers Expect in 2014

It is obvious that all clients expect high level and consistent customer service at all times. There are things in customer service that don’t change and will never change. First and foremost, clients expect their inquiries are answered and their problems solved in a timely manner. Secondly, they would always want to talk to a friendly and polite voice of a live support operator instead of an automation machine.  Thirdly, they would want to be able to contact the company representative at any time needed – it implies 24/7 customer support function on behalf of the companies who care about their clients. These three things are what we call a solid foundation of a successful customer service.

2014 customer service predictionsUnfortunately, most business owners view these three features as a final goal, which seems to be so far away and almost out of reach. We want to reassure every company that these features are absolutely achievable, but no one should stop after reaching them. There is much more to it than just being for your clients who you ought to be.

Personalization. We believe that in 2014 customers can rightfully expect highly personalized service. The personalization can extend to the groups of customers (like mobile device shoppers, desktop shoppers) as well to every customer individually.  Today CRM programs allow to personalize customer support in a great way. Whenever a client calls your company, the live support operator could already see the information about the caller, his/her last purchases and interactions. This allows anticipating customer needs saving one’s time and efforts. Besides, when you call a company and they offer you the thing you wanted  - what could be more wonderful than that.

Social Media Complaints. Twitter, Facebook, and other social media sites play a great role in business reputation today. Having realized this simple fact, companies hire and train people who would be completely dedicated to the social media marketing to maintain one’s reputation online.

In 2013 business managers mostly discussed how to effectively control negative feedback about the companies, which is not smart in a long term perspective. We believe that 2014 has to become a year where social media complaints initiate actual changes. It shouldn’t be a year of deleting negative comments about own company, but rather a year to demonstrate to the clients that their feedback matters. Reacting to online complaints can become one of very important keys in building efficient social media campaigns.

Creativity & Technology. Most certainly 2014 will become a year of creativity. How business owners manage to utilize new technologies can have a great effect on their business’ performance, especially customer service. There will certainly be new opportunities offered by new technological advancements; the main question is whether business managers are ready to utilize those for the benefit of their clients and companies.

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