Retaining Your Clients

Retaining Your Clients

At 24 Answering we believe we can help business succeed. This is not just a statement, but rather a verified fact. Every top manager knows that a key to achieving business growth is a customer. Every single one of them. We know how to work with customers providing professional answering service within fast-paced and demanding environments for years. We have no idea how to efficiently manage your finances or how to increase the productivity of your employees. Our staff knows nothing about it. What we do know is how to provide excellent client support in order to ensure positive customer experience.

Customer Retention

Customer Retention - Key to Increasing Sales

Many businesses are in the race for new clients. The devise new marketing strategies how to attract new clients spending thousands of dollars. For many attracting new clients has become the main priority. But what happens if you attract new clients, but your customer retention rate is very low. In other words what happens when new clients buy products from your company and then 1 out of 10 comes back to buy more? Sooner or later such business will realize that they are making one step forward and two steps back. Unfortunately, dozens of business owners forget that it doesn’t make much sense to keep attracting new clients only to lose them after their first purchase. Any successful business manager understands that retaining customers is a vital aspect of growing a company. There is no way your business will grow unless you don’t have your clients come back to buy more from your company after their first purchase.

On average, loyal clients are worth up to 12 times as much as their first purchase. So the real money are not in the first sale, but rather in progressive up-sells and cross-sells. No flourishing business ignores the importance of retaining the existing customers and that is part of the reason why they are triumphant.

We offer to help you in the area where we know what to do – ensure a happy customer experience for your clients via live support. By covering this important area, your business will gain more loyal customers, which automatically will increase your revenue.

Answering Service Ensures Positive Customer Experience

Buying experience of every customer is based on how he/she feels about being treated (which in most cases is covered by live operators who providing customer support). Recent researches and surveys prove that how a customer feels he/she was treated makes more than 65% of a successful buying experience. What would you say if someone offered your company the opportunity to ensure happy customer experience? We bet you would make use of such opportunity.

Of course we cannot guarantee an absolute success for every company as there is another aspect of happy customer experience – product quality. If a company fails to provide high quality products to its customers, it is unlikely that clients will be returning for more. However, even in this case our professional customer support could help you develop by providing important information about unhappy clients and potential areas of improvement. So it’s a win-win.

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