24 Answering e-mail receptionist service will provide reliable way of getting in touch with your business. 24 Answering can take care not only about your phone calls, but about general communication of your business. We will give your customers an opportunity to contact you with confidence of getting a prompt reply. Our e-mail receptionist guarantees that your specified e-mail box will be actively monitored and our live operators will reply your every e-mail according to your instructions 24/7. Around the clock customer service will surely give you a huge advantage over your competitors.

How Can E-mail Receptionist Assist Your Business?

24 Answering live operators will not simply reply to your incoming e-mails saying you are not available, any auto responder can do this. They will provide live response as your helpdesk would do.

Consider the following e-mail answering service features:

  • Prompt and Efficient Response to Your Emails: 24 Answering live operators reply to your business emails following your FAQ and any relevant information you include in your personal account. Your customers will get personalized response ASAP. They will get complete impression that it is you, actually, replying their requests 24/7.
  • Following Your Guidelines: 24 Answering live operators reply every e-mail to satisfy your customer's request. They will follow your instructions precisely to respond exactly the way you want. If there is any request or inquiry not fitting your script, they will forward a ticket to the relevant department or txt you any urgent request directly to your cell phone.
  • Creating Help Desk Tickets: You may also choose not to give any reply for the e-mails out of our competence, then our live operators will input your urgent information directly into your helpdesk system. Then we can call your customer to inform that his request is being processed and that he will be contacted shortly by a representative from the relevant department.
  • Full-time Receptionist Service: 24 Answering live operators can simply answer your e-mails, but we can also provide full-time receptionist services to your business. Our live operators can answer your telephone calls or do more specific tasks like appointment scheduling or lead generation. Another popular option of responding to your e-mails is an actual call back to your customers with the details of their inquiry.

Use 24 Answering E-mail Receptionist Service to Improve Your Customer Suppport

24 Answering e-mail answering service providing your customers with around the clock live support, will result in professional and competent image of your company. Responding to your business e-mails 24/7, not only during your business hours when it is convenient for you – what can give your customers more trust? Everybody likes individual attention. And when this attention is always available - nothing can raise any doubts about your company.

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