As businesses grow, they face numerous emergency situations. Despite the rapid advancement of technologies and communications, incidents like fire or burglary are not uncommon. For the purpose of their safety, businesses need to deploy a complex and well-functioning active response call center that cover you and your property and make it easier to deal with any emergency quickly and without major losses. An active response call center is the best choice a company can make, whenever it seeks a cost-effective solution to its emergency problems. We provide a wide array of active response call options.

Active Response Call Options:

  • Notifying a police or fire department about the emergency;
  • Fire alarm activation;
  • Arranging police contacts once a break-in is discovered;
  • Contacting and arranging IT professionals, once a failure in computer systems is detected;
  • Notifying and updating managers on the status and progress of emergency situations;
  • Providing managers and employees with a confirmation that the emergency situation has been eliminated.

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Our active response call center makes considerable contribution to the development of your active response protocols. The latter are particularly relevant in cases of man-made emergency situations, which are difficult to manage and resolve. Therefore, you must be confident that your active response protocol is functional and provides seamless emergency protection and support. Our active response call center is backed up by industry-trained professionals who respond to emergencies in accordance with your own specifications. We fully support and comply with your active response protocol in all emergency situations. We promote and encourage the integration of our active response call center services with your business operations and technical networks. We build up complex systems that fit and add to your technical and communication infrastructure. We provide active response call center support through a variety of communication means.

Active Response Call Center Support:

  • Land line telephones;
  • Cell phone networks;
  • SMS text messages;
  • Numeric paging;
  • Alpha-numeric paging;
  • A variety of web-based systems.

We have all contacts, including emergency personnel, government and local officials, and your company staff. However, we do not merely respond to an emergency situation but provide remote monitoring services. Our active response call center works to notify managers, employees, and emergency personnel of an emergency situation and, simultaneously, monitors the situation remotely, to make sure that managers have the fullest information about the status and progress of the situation. The benefits of outsourcing your call center concerns with us are numerous. Located outside your business premises, we can hardly be influenced by an emergency situation and are always online, 24/7/365. Read our blog to get more detailed information.

We run complex technical infrastructures and rely on powerful energy sources, to guarantee continuity of the active response call center's operation without any difficulty.

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