Call center operations create a foundation for providing superior customer service. Customers need to be confident that they can call you and resolve their concerns. Quality call center operations improve customer satisfaction and speed up business growth. Call center operations are an important point in your relationship with customers. 24 Answering provides a vast array of call center services, depending on your tastes and needs. We know that no customer service or sales support is impossible without professionally designed call center operations. We are here to help you run your business smoothly. We are here to ensure that your customers are always satisfied with the quality of live operator support you provide.

Our call center operations make you stronger. We provide regular, updated information about your call center operations. Call center reporting makes us different from our competitors: we monitor and provide complex statistics to judge the quality of your business performance and make timely improvements. Some of the basic call center statistics we can provide includes:

  • Average speed of answer;
  • The number and percentage of dropped calls;
  • Percentage of leads and sales;
  • Customer service average length of call;
  • Percentage of calls by location, time, or date;
  • The rates of customer satisfaction.

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Our call center operations are further supported by a variety of call center services. 24 Answering provides complex call center services, including

  • Scalable call answering – we guarantee that all customers are serviced and all calls are answered without any delay;
  • Inbound and outbound calls management – we always have extra staff to do cold-calling or help you manage large volumes of inbound and outbound calls;
  • Cross-selling – our representatives work days and nights to increase your sales;
  • Automated service solutions – you can use our automated service systems to send multiple messages or re-direct callers.

Our call center operations are extremely flexible and easy-to-customize. Whatever your needs, our call center can meet them! Our call center operations are catered to fit in the unique conditions of your business performance. All businesses, whether large or small, are equally cherished by us. We know that advanced call center operations guarantee information availability and affordability 24/7/365.

With us, you can finally reach your dreams and make your business perfect!

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