As you know, advertisement plays a vital role in today’s business. Listening to the radio or watching television people become aware of the advantages they can get buying the company’s products or using its services. Therefore, 24 Answering can offer you its commercial answering service, which will assist you in your business. The purpose of the aforementioned service is to manage the traffic bursts that may appear in the commercial process. Advertisements can cause a big amount of traffic; however, we know how to manage your calls and accomplish the given tasks professionally.

Besides showing your clients the benefits of your business, our commercial answering service also works to improve your company’s image in the best way.

Types of Commercials and Our Contribution to Your Business Process

As it was mentioned before, many company advertise their products through TV and radio. The latter is coming important again as many people start listening to the radio more and more, carrying their cell-phones wherever they go. 24 Answering has a well-trained team, who is competent enough to handle the telephone calls that come as the result of radio advertisements.

We also understand how productive and effective the television commercial can be. It can cover huge number of people, by advertising production that coincides with the interests of a person watching a particular TV program. Knowledge of the target demographics is very important in advertising, for it is an essential strategic tool that can bring you business’s success and increase your company’s budget. In spite of being one of the most effective types of commercials, TV advertisement can be pretty expensive. 24 Answering understands that your investments should live up to your expectations. We can provide you with an efficient live voice answering service. Our representatives are skilled enough to manage telephone conversations with your potential clients at a high level, working for your company’s reputation and prosperity.

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Another type of advertisement is infomercial– a short term to describe one of the most thorough and powerful means of advertising. It is a TV program that promotes company’s products in a very informative, detailed and presumably objective way. Usually it lasts for about thirty minutes and is given in the form of the TV show. An infomercial can help you not only to sell your products, but also to inform your potential clients and customers of all the details regarding the product itself, thus stirring up more interest to your business among the representatives of the target group. To some extent it is even more efficient than the TV commercial, for it gives your company more opportunities to advertise and, thus, to sell your products, while the TV advertisement only focuses on the main features of your production in a very short form. The infomercial increases the company’s chances to attract more customers. It is very important for any business to have experienced staff able to manage numerous telephone calls that will follow afterwards. 24 Answering can provide you with a professional and effective call center answering service.

All types of commercials (radio, television and infomercial) are truly important to promote and sell products. However, every company must pay for an advertisement. Therefore, all the expenses should be justified by careful management of every single telephone call from your potential customers. 24 Answering is a well-trained team that is well-equipped to manage all calls generated by commercials. We understand that immediate answer is very important, as it may bring profit to your business. 24 Answering is second to none team that can answer a big number of calls in a very diligent and accurate way.

We understand that company’s success is tightly connected with efficient work of the call center that manages your direct response advertising calls. Therefore, 24 Answering offers you our call center answering services. Our competence and professional assistance are what your business needs.

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