What do you think of call centers? Do you believe that they differ from contact centers? No? Then we must say that they both differ from each other. The former operates like a complex answering service where live operators manage inbound and outbound calls. The latter, in turn, is a place where operators, agents, salespeople, and other professionals give interactive responses to clients' questions and concerns. A contact center works like a complex mechanism that involves all means of communication, from telephones to instant messaging. It is a place where customers can use the best available method of communication to express their concerns. The main question is whether or not it is possible to combine the benefits of a call center with those of a contact center. The answer is simple: we are here to provide you with a complex solution that comprises the features of both centers.

Our answering service combines the benefits of call center and contact center.

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We have live receptionists managing inbound and outbound calls and dealing with customers using a variety of communication means, from telephones to instant messaging. Our experienced professionals have knowledge and skills needed to function as call and contact center operators. They successfully deal with enormous amounts of telephone calls and, simultaneously, rely on the type of communication used by customers, be it instant messaging, an email, or a fax message. This is a new, more advanced type of answering service that benefits companies and makes it easier for consumers to contact their suppliers.

Our answering service makes the differences between the above-mentioned centers virtually obsolete. Our company has proved to be a pioneer in engineering new age communication solutions that help businesses to deal with complex tasks. It particularly concerns international companies that are overloaded with international calls but cannot always carry the burden of telephone costs. A unique combination of call center and contact center is what you need to guarantee the success of international expansion. Companies dealing with consumers from rural territories face similar problems: being located in large urban centers, these companies cannot always bear the costs of long distance calls. Consumers may be willing to contact company representatives through other means, like instant messaging. A combination of both centers gives them such an opportunity. With us, you no longer need to choose what you need most.

You can have both at once, for a reasonable price and with considerable benefits for your customers! Call us at +1(888)414-0276!

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