24 Answering provides full direct sales contact center services to meet your business needs. Your callers must trust you and your company brand if you want to succeed on the market. Our direct sales contact center operators provide 24 hours answering service for customers. Our specialists know the needs and demands of your business. They do their best providing professional and effective customer care to support your brand and strenghten your company position on this competitive sales market.

Contact Center Staff Works as Direct Sales Team

Our staff is professionally trained to be the unique team of direct sales experts. Using our experience we know how to answer and convert inbound calls into sales. 24 Answering operators understand your company`s demands and needs and provide great help at a high level. They know everything about your services and products. It helps them to manage each inbound call professionally for the sake of your company`s brand name. Our agents give professional support 24/7.

Each answering service demands to handle client order inquires immediately. Cooperating with 24 Answering customers can be sure that your contact center specialists handle the calling process flawlessly. Our agents are trained to answer your consumers calls according to the set requirements. Our customer service deserves respect because of the professionalism and experience of our staff.

Direct Sales Contact Center Call Volume Support

Businesses that are engaged in direct sales advertising have their own difficulties. We realize that and find the ways to overcome them. There can be a big number of calls that must be answered. We start from identifying the effective methods of work and time flow. Each task demands a certain amount of time. It depends on what kind of commercial you do and what your demands are. Our professional call center operators will take your call any time you want according to your specific needs. Call center works accurately and can handle, coordinate and discuss with you the traffic, gather any available information on your demand.

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We care about each incoming call. We respect callers, starting a conversation with a friendly greeting. The callers will feel comfortable and secure while hearing our operators. There are no delays in taking customers` calls even if we are overloaded. Our management system monitors the whole process and demands to work accurately with respect to the clients. In case of emergency, we transfer calls to any other of our call centers to answer them immediately.

Affordable Contact Center Service

No matter what type of advertisement you provide and what traffic you afford 24 Answering can monitor a big amount of inbound calls. Our direct sales support team provides first-class services for clients to achieve their business needs. Our professional call agents are always available to give great care and support to your clients 24/7.

You can rely on our live operators as well as our technology that is always in use giving you help in up selling, cross selling and managing large amounts of inbound calls.

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