We, at 24 Answering, know how challenging the process of event registration can be. It is quite obvious that individual customers and businesses want to have their events managed effectively and without excessive costs. Although the concept of event registration by itself is not new, we were able to bring in novelty and uniqueness into our services. Our call center works to help 24 Answering customers handle their events. We offer inbound and outbound call center services to guarantee that our customers are happy and satisfied with their event organization. Each event registration model is unique and adjusted to meet consumer needs. 

Our service is what you need to get effective event registration assistance. Years of practical experience have taught 24 Answering that not all events can be successfully managed online. Our company has developed an all-inclusive model combining online and call center features, in which relevant event registration services are backed up by professional, experienced live operators. 24 Answering staff add the sense of personalization and intimacy to our professional support. Live operators at our call center answer customer questions, resolve their problems, and meet the demand for quality and cost-effective event registration services.

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24 Answering expands the boundaries of event registration services and provides a complex set of call center communication services. We support customers at every stage of the event registration process.

List of our event registration services is virtually unlimited:

  • Customized event registration;
  • Unlimited types and varieties of event registration forms;
  • Registration tracking;
  • Management of creative content;
  • Easy badge design;
  • E-mail and telephone confirmations;
  • Event registration and management databases;
  • Event cancellation;
  • Seating management; and others.

We, at 24 Answering, know what it takes to register and manage the entire event registration process. Our event registration call center operates in a unique and extremely challenging environment. Our live operators are experienced and skilled to handle the various details of the planning process from the very beginning until the very end of the event. Our event marketing solutions guarantee the success of any event. We have knowledge and experience of working with awards shows, seminars, ticketed events, and concerts. We recognize the degree of professional responsibility for any public event.

We realize that a good event is a well-managed event. 24 Answering is the best choice for everyone looking for quality, cost-effective event registration services!

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