Identity theft challenges business profitability and growth. Companies lose millions of dollars every year because of identity theft. Customers lose confidence in companies and products. They lose trust and cannot feel secure. This is why businesses invest billions in deploying sophisticated systems of identity theft protection; yet, hardware and software alone cannot guarantee complete protection from the risks of identity theft. For most organizations, an identity theft response service is a must. There is no way to improve customer confidence and enhance their safety in business other than running an identity theft response service. 24 Answering has experience and knowledge to provide you with superior identity theft hotline solutions. Our identity theft response servicehotline systems give your customers a better sense of confidence and protection from unnecessary identity theft risks. We offer around the clock live call center services, which will let your customers contact you 24/7/365.

Identity Theft Response Provides Protection for all Businesses

Identity theft response services exemplify a proactive approach for managing crisis situations in business. 24 Answering’s identity theft hotline guarantees multiple levels of security and customer protection. Our identity theft response service is exactly what you need to provide customers with updated information, notify customers about potential problems, and guarantee that they can deal with these problems timely and effectively. We know that no identity theft response is effective, unless provided directly to customers. Email notifications do not always reach the recipient. Fax messages are getting outdated. Personal visits are impossible for many reasons. Only phone calls can become a premium source of relevant information and exceed your customers’ expectations. We set up a unique, easily customizable identity theft response service with multiple of benefits and features, including:

  • Around the clock phone support;
  • Automated and live response systems;
  • Outbound follow-ups;
  • Immediate re-direction of emails and calls;
  • Customer support and information how to reduce the risks of identity theft;
  • Consulting services;
  • Instant live alerts.

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Identity theft is equally dangerous for companies and customers. By using our identity theft hotline, you actually kill two birds with one shot: you secure customers from unnecessary risks and protect your business reputation and brand. You no longer need to spend thousands of dollars to support a large staff of in-house identity theft hotline professionals.

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