Meeting registration is a complex process involving numerous tasks, all of which are challenging and demand professional attention. 24 Answering realizes that there is no good meeting without excellent meeting registration. Meeting registration services must be reliable and accurate to ensure that attendees develop a perfect impression about your company and the quality of its meeting services. Meeting organization must be professional and cost-effective, to guarantee that businesses do not overpay, as they are trying to fill up all empty seats in the meeting room. 24 Answering exceeds your expectations and offers superior meeting registration services. We guarantee that you meeting will become one of the best and memorable experiences for your attendees.

The process of meeting registration at 24 Answering begins with and is backed up by a team of qualified live operators, who provide callers with the fullest information about the upcoming event.

List of our meeting registration services includes, but is not limited:

  • Providing callers with sufficient information about the upcoming event: our live operators provide general information about the event, answer questions and manage customer concerns, based on the information about the event you provide;
  • Processing online payments for meeting attendance: in case you don't have any opportunity to process online payments or do not run an online payment system, we can assume a responsibility for managing and processing payments for attending your event;
  • Managing meeting registration information and entering it into your database: if you have an online registration form on your official website, you may need to provide future attendees with further information on how to complete and submit the online form. 24 Answering live operators will answer questions and help callers to complete and submit the online form;
  • Providing hotel accommodations for out-of-town attendees: you can provide us with the list of out-of-town guests, and we will guarantee that they have the fullest information about available hotel accommodation options.
  • Manage meeting registration cancellations: 24 Answering live operators can manage meeting registration cancellations through your software system and web portal interface; you only need to give us access to your meeting registration system or database.

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Our meeting registration services promote customer satisfaction even after the meeting has come to an end.

We, at 24 Answering, can:

  • Follow up attendees and collect information about whether or not they are satisfied with the quality of the meeting event;
  • Survey attendees and ask their opinion about the main benefits and deficiencies of the meeting event;
  • Ask attendees to provide recommendations on how to improve the meeting;
  • Transfer and manage the funds collected during or from the meeting.

Online meeting registration services provide future attendees with excellent meeting registration opportunities. However, live operator support always facilitates and speeds event organization. 24 Answering Service successfully combines live operator support with online meeting registration services.

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