Why many companies prefer using multilingual call center. In conditions of globalization it is highly unlikely one can succeed without presence on every market. If you can reach any nationality in the world with your service you will surely get numerous advantages. 24 Answering presents multilingual call center services by professional live operators. We hire highly skilled staff to increase your business presence on new markets. The most popular choice of our clients is bilingual English-Spanish service, although we offer various combinations and there is always a solution available to fit your special needs.

Since the United States is a multi-national country, answering calls in every language is vital for success of a respected company. Although Spanish is the second most used language in the country, Cantonese, Mandarin, Italian, Russian, French, German are widely spoken. If your potential customer is not native speaker of English you will miss an opportunity of a sale. Hiring bilingual or multilingual services of live operators is a cost effective way to increase your sales.

Why 24 Answering Hires Multilingual Operators

Our HR department includes language proficiency aspect in screening of potential employees. We want to make sure that our clients can reach the customers all across the United States and Canada, so we prefer hiring bilingual operators to provide our services in other languages. For those occasions when a caller is speaking some other language then English we sometime use translators if our multilingual answering service operator can not manage the call independently.

Our live operators are fluent in many languages, yet they are not proficient in all the languages so occasionally third party operators are used to translate or speak for unavailable language. With 24 Answering your callers will experience quality professional services.

24 Answering multilingual call center services are very popular with international companies. Our managers follow the highest standards of excellence to guarantee quality services of our live operators to the customers.

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If your business requires bilingual support to reach out to wider clientele, if you launch massive advertising campaign 24 Answering is your best solution. Our multilingual services are very beneficial for outbound calls since our live operators will be able to speak to those customers you can not. We are your cost effective solution for multiple answering services. Our bilingual operators can provide full range of office services.

Get in touch with 24 Answering live support to get any additional information on our multilingual call center services for your business.

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