Online order entry is an essential tool in order entry process that 24 Answering provides to the customers via internet. Online method of delivering services and goods to the customers has become popular and most recognizable in the modern business world where the internet has captured our minds and all spheres of life. Though there are still many people who prefer ordering services and goods on the phone speaking to a live operator. 24 Answering Service utilizes a telephone–based online order entry service giving your business more sales opportunities. Our call center representatives are working for you using your product catalog and online order entry form.

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Our service is available round the clock through your online order entry system or the one we can set up for you to process orders in a secure online platform.

Our Cost-Effective Live Operator Online Order Entry

We provide online order entry service in a cost effective platform by setting our system and working on your behalf. Our call center operators will handle all your customers' calls taking orders in online mode. We can offer a variety of online catalogs with individual product names, information and prices. You can work on our secure page for your order entry process and payments. Our online order entry call center can give you an access to our software or we can use the one you have. We will meet all your needs and demands providing the following services:

  • 24/7 Availability: For our customers' convenience, our live call center is available for customers' calls and online order entry all around the clock;
  • Professionally Trained Sales Order Entry Operators: We have call center facilities for advertising in a DTV medium (Direct Television Advertising), running infomercial's and other marketing plans that can generate high inbound call volume. Our online order entry operators can handle any volume of calls;
  • Trained Sales Agents: Our online order entry agents are specifically trained according to your directions and can follow your script;
  • Affordable Prices.

We offer a wide range of options which are affordable and beneficial for the customers. You can use our secure payment gateway or order entry process. You can save your money and time by outsourcing our online order entry service.

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