In nowadays more and more people are addicted to the internet and prefer to make business online. This is an affordable and comfortable way of working where you could stay in your home instead of office in a noisy area. For those who prefer to work alone without live interaction with people online ordering is a perfect solution. That`s why 24 Answering has designed online order taking service for the clients which is available all around the clock. There is no need to have a live operator to take orders customers can place their orders directly on your website using special forms. But steel many people feel uncomfortable to place orders via internet because they don`t want to share their financial information on the website. We can understand that. That could be the main problem for online order taking and the reason of loosing the customers. 24 Answering has a solution for that.

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From our business` experience we know that you never win if you are alone. Here with online order taking is the same. If you are alone you can loose. Combining your online order taking with a call center can be a valuable tool. A call center may insure customers that a live call center operator can assist them in online order taking process and they get started to be sure of what they are doing. They won`t hesitate to interact with a live operator that were used to do for years. If you make your customers to trust you will never loose any purchase. Here are some examples of customers` fear:

  • Credit Card Fraud
  • Email Spam
  • Product is not seen
  • Identity/Theft
  • Recurring Charges

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