Order taking service is an essential part of any business that offers products and services to the public. To make profit every business realizes the importance of order taking process that leads to increase business revenues. Marketers are advertising products in different ways: catalog, website, radio and television, posted mail attracting prospective customers to buy their products or services. You need professional order taking experts who can assist your customers in order taking not to loose your future sales. 24 Answering takes leading position in order taking services nationwide. Our order taking call center is equipped with all necessary software and telephone system as well as the best staff. We are really proud of people that are working as order takers. 24 Answering provides special training sessions for our employees to work in different fields of answering service industry.

Order taking service has become a necessity in most industries as a helpful tool to get better results and reach business` goals. We are focused on:

  • Operator Training : Order taking service requires professional well trained staff with excellent communicative skills, professional skills and leadership skills. We hire only appropriate people who fit all our demands.
  • Employee Screening: We thoroughly screen each applicant who is eager to work in order taking industry according to our high standards.
  • Teamwork: Our employee from call center agent to manager or supervisor is working as a team reaching mutual goals. We take care about good relationship between customers and our staff.
  • Quality Control: Our management system is monitoring order taking process and each order taker as well to find out better methods in work that could be more effective in achieving company`s goals and demands. We provide quality services 24/7/365.
  • Effort: Our staff is spending maximum efforts to meet the needs and demands of our clients while taking orders. We realize that no success is possible without high personal skills and their efforts and we really appreciate our staff for that.
  • Employee Retention: 24 Answering`s policy and philosophy is to make our employees happy. If our people are happy they can make customers happy. This is our strategy that helps us to get success.
  • Comprehensive Agent Integration: We are learning the business` environment with the goal to invest something new and useful for our work.

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