24 Answering is a reputable company which offers various types of services including order taking. We provide fully customizable and flexible methods in programming our order processing accounts. Our operators answer telephone calls, take orders, and carry out other functions via our virtual office location on your behalf. We provide high quality order taking services at affordable prices. Our professionals are available online and on the phone 24/7/365. We can be the best solution for your business as we have great experience in this area and excellent reputation on the market. With our skilled experts you can increase your business revenues, save your time and money.

Order Taking Services Meet the Needs of Customers

Order taking service is an essential tool in the whole process of providing answering services and making your sales. We offer the following:

  • Order Capture: We provide order taking services around the clock to keep your business in progress 24 hours a day. Our specialists help capture leads and orders that can be easily lost without their help. Live operators answer phone calls 24/7 dialing our toll-free number +1(888)414-0276 on your website taking orders and generating leads. They are real professionals that can assist your company in order taking.
  • Order Processing: After taking orders, our operators process them. They can also make payments through our credit card processor. They work on your behalf following your requirements using our software system and your protocol. Your experts can easily check the order taking process and upgrade on your website. They work fast and smoothly treating your customers with respect and patience.
  • Customer Service: 24 Answering provides your clients with superior customer service and care 24/7. Our help desk and customer support experts can solve any problem with great patience and respect. That`s what our clients appreciate the most. Our live operators can make refunds, exchanges, explain warranty rules to consumers, use a ticket system, and more. In case your clients have any complaints, our specialists will find the proper solution.

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