No other method is more effective for generating leads than outbound telemarketing. It might be used both as the only marketing technique or as additional component of numerous combined methods. Absolutely amazing results in outbound telemarketing can be achieved in a very limited time with 24 Answering. We can meet general or specific demands concerning any outbound telemarketing campaigns. We use up-to-date software and hardware for reliable faultless functioning. We hire expert staff who has years of expertise. Our services are cost-effective. Cooperating with us, you will achieve great results.

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Among 24 Answering outbound telemarketing services the most popular are:

  • Order Processing Center: 24 Answering live operators will make outbound calls to verify that your order process is completed. We will also check whether your customers are given the proper information in regard to their orders.
  • Professional Customer Service: we can make outbound calls to provide your current clients with appropriate level services.
  • Customer Retention Services: another tool successfully used by our agents is outbound telemarketing to follow up on your current customers satisfaction level. We will develop the best ways to improve your services communicating directly with your clients.
  • Fulfillment Service: our live operators will contact your prospective buyers to sign them up for your particular service. Outbound telemarketing option is very popular.
  • Lead Generation Services: lead generation process is always a success if real professionals are engaged in outbound telemarketing. We will generate lists of your prospective buyers. Then you will simply finalize the sale. It is the classic outcome for outbound telemarketing campaigns.
  • Sales Order Entry: 24 Answering agents will contact those consumers who have recently purchased your product and offer registration services or warranty support. Your consumers will sign up for additional services with their personal information. This option can assist in selling your add-ons to the purchsed product. For example, we can sell your extended warranty.
  • Outbound Appointment Scheduling: Our representatives can call your prospectives to register them for your seminar or class. We can also provide payments processing if you choose this option.
  • Database Management Services: We can help you update information about your clients, sales, or lead database.
  • Database Enhancement Services: our live operators will contact your buyers, from existing database of the already made sales, on your behalf. We can gather any additional information about each contact. In such a way we will enhance your customers’ database.

We are experienced in various fields of outbound telemarketing. Our receptionists are extensively trained to be result-oriented and persistent in providing their services. On the other hand they are strongly encouraged to always stay courteous and friendly. We used to cooperate with small and large companies worldwide. We still cooperate with very different industries to benefit their business at a very affordable price. We can provide a wide range of telemarketing services. We will offer your company the most suitable strategy to benefit your business. Our expert telemarketing professionals and advanced telecommunications technology, latest equipment, and sophisticated software will be at your service 24/7. 24 Answering live operators are well spoken and polite to effectively market your product or services. Yet they provide aggressive marketing to achieve the best results.

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