If you are selling products and services to the public it`s not surprising that you probably were trying various methods of advertising and promoting your goods, such as radio and TV commercials, catalogs, magazines and newspapers, websites, and more. To reach your goal all types of promotion are acceptable. Even now when more and more people all over the world are addicted to internet old-fashioned telephone call order is not forgotten. Phone order taking service is truly the leading force in answering service industry and many customers trust live operators more than automated systems. Call center industry is a powerful tool in the process of marketing.

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24 Answering Answering Service is a leader in call center industry and can provide first class phone order taking for the clients in affordable prices. We are well established and experienced and can assist your business in phone order taking 24/7 or part time during weekends and night hours on your choice. If you already have your in house order taking call center but need help on weekend and nights we can help you. If your company wants to use our call center we can do that in our office with our live call center operators. We know how to turn each telephone call into orders. You can have many questions while choosing answering service to take orders:

  • Will my calls be answered in the United States? 24 Answering guarantees our customers that each call will be answered inside the USA. We do not use overseas call centers.
  • Can my call center handle the call? There are many choices of answering services of different types and sizes. 24 Answering is an established company that has won recognition and reputation in the market and can guarantee their customers with top level services.
  • Is a live answering service better than voicemail? Yes. Live answering service is eight times more effective. Voicemail is less expensive that`s why many companies are using it. But in fact you don`t save money with using voicemail when you are loosing calls and orders.

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