Even the most successful business is not entirely secured from failures. More often than not, product recalls are essential ingredients of any business’s performance. Product recalls can be particularly troublesome for companies that do not know how to manage them properly. Our call center product recall service will let you resolve your product recall issues without compromising your business reputation and customer satisfaction. Outsourcing product recall issues to our call center product recall service will give you peace of mind – this is what you need to run your business smoothly in the midst of product recall turmoil. Using a product recall service is a reliable means of protecting your business reputation, since we have everything needed to manage product recall procedures effectively.

How can a product recall service affect my company?

Product recalls are not a tragedy, if you can keep your customers satisfied. Our call center product recall service provides a single, well-functioning point for managing product recall requests. Our product recall service will secure you from financial and emotional losses. The main features of our product recall service include:

  • 24 hour hotline: we will provide around the clock phone line support to ensure that customers can reach you any time of day and night;
  • Notification: inform your customers about the nature and scope of the recall and possible ways to reduce its negative effects;
  • Processing: our product recall service specialists work to inform your customers about product recall procedures and requirements;
  • Product return management: our call center product recall service will gather and provide statistics on the amount of product recalls;
  • Regulation compliance: we will save you from legal complexities by providing product recall services in accordance with federal regulations.
  • Custom recall escalation procedures: our product recall service will expand your knowledge of each product recall situation, giving you the information you need to act and improve the situation.

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Extensive experience has taught us that product recall is one of the most painful aspects of doing business. Even reputable businesses may feel lost and confused about product recalls. Customers want their products recalled for various reasons, which are not always related to poor quality.

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