24 Answering Service provides our customers with remote order entry service to track customers' orders. Our call center operators are available 24/7 placing orders on your behalf. They work as a unique team having specifically qualification skills, according with your directions and protocol. Our professional staff consists of well trained attendants that can handle remote order entry using their knowledge, professional skills and a strong desire to be a part of the team. Our remote order entry call center is always in progress. Our receptionists can solve any sort of problems of your customers any time of the day.

The Process of Remote Order Entry System

When you will be ready to set up a call center account, we set up your login and password to interact with our secure remote order entry system. Through this system you could check the number of calls, how many orders were placed, payment procedure, operator time, and more. Our web based program is easy and affordable to operate and you can have an access to it all around the clock. You simply login and enter your password and our system is open to you.

You have a choice whether to utilize our order entry platform or use the one you have. Our experts and software can interface with any online e-commerce order entry system. That could be a perfect solution for e-commerce customers and retailers in case they have their own payment gateway.

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Our call center operators can act as your own sales staff or order entry staff if you are a commerce retailer, catalog retailer or vendor. They can successfully advertise your products online for your demand using all their experience. Our operators are interacting with your system as well as you can login to ours, viewing your sales productivity, orders, sales tracking, product tracking, etc. If your customers need to get in touch directly with you, we can offer these services too. Our answering service operates 24/7 giving each of your clients all necessary support.

24 Answering Service is an experienced and reliable company that has won recognition among numerous customers and partners. If you need our professional help in remote order entry service, we know how to help you.

Call our call center office today for more information at +1(888)414-0276.

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