24 Answering telemarketing agency is a worthy and cost effective way to boost the sales of particularly any business. Many companies have found our professional assistance with their telesales to be completely successful. Our live operators have assisted various companies in many ways: they contacted new prospects, followed up with existing leads and serviced current customers, etc. 24 Answering telemarketing agency has every possibility to make on-demand service a valuable experience for different industries.

Our agents are true professionals of call center industry. Our HR department asks potential employees to undergo specially designed tests to determine their professional level. Then our call center operators are constantly trained to become the most proficient salespeople. Your business will get the most value out of your investment in telesales programs. Our live operators take special time to understand your business, your products or services and then create the most reliable strategy to reach the set goals. Our team will integrate our work with your marketing department. With our professional help you will successfully manage your consumer relationship and complete your clients' orders in the earliest terms.

How Can Telemarketing Agency Improve Your Customer Support

Telemarketing is often thought to be synonymous to outbound telesales, although there is considerable difference. One of the biggest responsibilities of telemarketing services is to concentrate on customer support. Your client lists can be used or CRM can be integrated with 24 Answering to make sure that we give your clients the required support. 24 Answering telemarketing services are most often used by different companies to:

  • Ensure their customers’ satisfaction
  • Provide after-sale follow up
  • Qualify any issues or concerns and provide relevant solutions
  • Implement up-selling and cross-selling techniques

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24 Answering telemarketing center has all required resources, both human and technical, to be capable of making calls to any number of prospects in very limited time. Our live operators are extensively trained to do maximum in minimum time. In our business time is money. It often happens  that companies contract with us not only to get immediate relief but also to increase their marketing efforts and make the most of their sales departments. 24 Answering live operators will contact a big number of your potential customers, providing them with expert assistance, to ensure your sales increase. Our team always makes sure that many of your current consumers will wish to place an order with our company once again.

Investing time and money in training of our staff means that they can always manage the latest call center technologies. On the other hand 24 Answering offers your company quality telemarketing services at very reasonable prices. You have never had such an excellent partner. We offer your business professional assistance, being totally flexible about contracts timeframes. Many our clients come to get seasonal support for their telemarketing campaigns and stay to cooperate with us for several years. We don’t demand to conclude any lengthy contracts but we do give special prices to regular clients.

24 Answering can offer complete customer service or full-time sales support. Our telemarketing agency is able to produce any outbound solution. All our accounts are completely customizable and can be adjusted to particular needs of your company.

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