24 Answering latest technologies play an important role in providing our efficient telemarketing services. We turn experience into a highly-profitable investment for our customers. 24 Answering services include much more than simple outbound calling, our live operators will provide daily reporting on the calls, recording of all the data of your telemarketing campaign, transferring hot leads to you directly if you choose, or closing your sales. After your calls are being outsourced to 24 Answering call center, your time and money can be used on growing your client base with the help of leads our operators generate. Newest technologies mean flawless work of our buseinss. Each 24 Answering telemarketing application will be made to meet particular customer needs.

Outsourcing to 24 Answering experts guarantees numerous advantages

We constantly invest in software and hardware to fully service any the most demanding client. Our live operators are continuously trained to understand telemarketing process and its techniques.

Every 24 Answering account receives:

  • Professional Service: invaluable experience in telemarketing gives our call center operators an advantage of making more calls per hour comparing to a non-experienced staff. We will turn your phone calls into sales.
  • Prompt Setup Process: our IT department has developed very clever applications we used for coordination of numerous campaigns. It takes very limited time to properly set up your account to support your campaign.
  • Reasonable Pricing: since all telemarketing campaigns are different such are the prices. Although we always suggest very flexible pricing to suit any budget.

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Your telemarketing program is set up to reach your goals. Our live operators will always be in touch to determine the outcome. We take every effort to make sure you get the results you planned. Our customer support is available 24/7 to guarantee constant communication. You will be provided with detailed reports on the outcome of your campaign. The reports will reflect all the relevant information allowing you to make any improvements you consider to be beneficial to the project.

We usually charge fees on a per minute basis. Yet some telemarketing applications have to be evaluated individually. No two applications can be the same. No business can have requirements similar to the other one. It might be hard to set a fixed price quote. We do need to know a bit more about your project, amount of calls and your final goals.

Any price quote can be received via live customer support.

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