Contribute to the fruitful communication of your staff with your potential customers, as well as each other, with 24 Answering. We would be glad to work out the unified communication plan for you, thus creating less hectic and more productive atmosphere within the walls of your company.

Advantages and… Double Advantages of 24 Answering Unified Communication Service

Our Unified Communication Service Connects Different Systems

There are many ways for communication with clients, partners and each other within the company. The most popular are e-mails, phone calls and fax. In addition to the aforementioned ways, there are other options winning the informative world today, namely video conferences, instant and page messages, automated telephone systems and other technological tools that make communication easier. Integrate all these services with 24 Answering. We will work for the better transfer of the information within your business structure.

24 Answering offers the following unified communications service:

  • Expedited Receptionist Services: Trust your communications to 24 Answering's professional administrators that can handle them outside your office. Receive our daily reports on information and messaging.
  • Multiple Communication Channels: Equip your clients with the web-based instant messaging, Click 2 Chat web services and email response.
  • Outbound Communications: With 24 Answering's professional team you can be sure your clients are informed of the upcoming events. Moreover, our live operators can also manage telesales and customers' telephone calls.
  • Instant Information: Don't worry about the missed calls now. 24 Answering will send text messages with alerts and details of the calls you missed right to your cell phone.
  • Online Communications: We can send your caller data to your website.

Our Unified Communication Service Fosters Telecommuting and Assists in Fieldwork

The technological progress of today has greatly equipped workers of the different fields with all the necessary things for the productive and fruitful accomplishments of their tasks. The former has also provided people with the sense of flexibility, as they can now do the same job and stay in contact with their coworkers and clients being wherever they want. Now, the work has really become something you can handle regardless of your location and time zone, due to the benefits of telecommuting. The latter can be very useful in business conduction, when, for example, one of the company workers goes to the business trip abroad or holds a meeting with the client outside the office. Despite the location, she/he can constantly stay in contact with the office team, so that the latter can follow along what is being discussed and be updated of the results.

The business unified communications service provided by 24 Answering facilitates better communication with your partners, clients and suppliers. Moreover, our integrating communications demolish all possible barriers and obstacles that may arise between you and your customers, thus fostering productive cooperation.

If you want to make your work process easier, as well as organize your business in the best way, strengthening and fostering all of its inbound and outbound communications, please, contact 24 Answering and we will willingly tell you more about our unified communications opportunities.

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