Unified messaging (UM) is the wonderful solution for conduction of your business today. It brings together various electronic messaging and communications media, such as text messages, voicemail, e-mails, etc, into a single and combined interface, that greatly simplifies your work process.

24 Answering is a leading call center that provides the aforementioned unified messaging services. We realize the difficulties that emerge when all the information, which regards work with your clients, comes to the different locations and through the different communication mediums. Our service is designed to meet your messaging needs and to make your communications easier, and thus creating higher productivity. Using the unified messaging service of 24 Answering you can access both operator's messages and outbound messages in one spot. In addition to that, you will be given a free phone number to forward your business calls. 24 Answering can host your messaging and transfer your outbound communications through the messaging lines you prefer.

Unified Messaging Service by Our Professional Live Operators

The professional messaging service of 24 Answering is created to help your business grow and prosper. Our live operators are the heart of our unified messaging service. They have all necessary technologies to meet all kinds of your messaging needs, and thus to perform professional and high quality service to promote your business.

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24 Answering Service Provides Our Clients with the Following Unified Messaging Service:

  • Adjust Your Messaging System: Customize the messaging and delivery methods of your business with 24 Answering Service, by choosing single communication medium that will receive and host all your messages.
  • Trust Your Communications to Our Professional Live Operators: Our live operators will receive, answer and route your messages and calls to the single source of delivery.
  • Enjoy Our Other Unified Communication Services (Voicemail): To cap it all, our answering service can set a voicemail box for your company and then send all messages destined to you to the same email box that stores the live operator’s messages, thus unifying all of the listed above communications in one spot.

The need for unified communications is very strong today, especially for those of business companies, which want to have bigger control over their communications. If you want to be in constant touch with your clients, no matter where you are and, at the same time, to have your privacy and personal time protected, integrate your business communications in one source of delivery with 24 Answering. We will combine all your outbound and inbound telemarketing services together with your live operator and voicemail messaging services in one package, thus allowing you to have complete, well-organized and easy access to all your messaging information stored in one place.

Save your money, time and energy for the new ideas and developments in your business. Trust all the organizational details to 24 Answering unified communication service.

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