24 Answering specializes in providing different types of services, verification surveys is one of them. We have a great opportunity to give quality and professional help to businesses in making a verification survey. With the help of our specialized telemarketing department we give service reviews to any kind and size of company. No matter whether you are a new beginner or well-established company we can give you our great support to help you get better results in business.

Verification Survey in the Customer Service

24 Answering provides affordable verification survey service to carry out product and service review. We considered to be one of the leading communication industries that carries out detailed inquiry. Usually it is not an easy task for most companies because they are busy with call traffic and are short in time. 24 Answering has special call center team that can help professionally and fast.

Let`s Start from Up Front Verification

Verification survey is a complicated process in telemarketing industry. If the company gets leads which must be qualified, it can be done by our specialized call center representatives. Our agents work according special instructions and programs. In case lead qualifies and meets appropriate demands, the caller will be transferred to a sales team. This process is time consuming and let the sales staff focus only on leads that are of maximum value.

Predetermined scale is used in rating the viability of the lead that does not meet the standardized qualifications and cannot be passed on a sales representative. This process is controlled by call center representative who is responsible for the hot lead that becomes a warm one.

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Follow Back End Verification

Back end verification is needed after a sale is made and there is a necessity for a firm to verify that they are agreed to a sale. It usually happens when service providers are switched by a customer or business. Verification survey is a great solution for business. Service providers are randomly changed by companies.

24 Answering is a leader in verification survey to carry out product and service review. We have great capabilities for providing those services in inbound and outbound call centers. Contact us at +1(888)414-0276 and you will be impressed with how helpful we are for your business.

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