24 Answering virtual office service offers numerous options to choose. You company may prefer using all of them. You can include suitable ones in your personal account. We can help big companies with multiple offices and private entrepreneurs. We have several industry specialized departments to meet the requirements of any clients.

24 Answering virtual assistant option is very popular among our clients

First, your virtual assistant can easily replace your in-office secretary. Your virtual secretary will operate from our call center, answering your incoming calls, taking your business messages and forwarding them to you, providing your callers with any required information – generally speaking performing all those taks your in-office secretary does. The biggest advantage of this option is that he/she will also work after hours if you choose so. Your in-office staff usually works from 9 to 5 but your virtual assistant is available to your callers 24/7. We offer full-time services, when your virtual staff completely takes your office responsibilities, or part-time services, when your virtual assistant works during extended hours, week-ends, holidays, etc. Some our clients prefer using us on seasonal basis while others hire us to get support all the year round.

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We don’t ask for any long-term contracts, you can use the above-mention option on month to month basis. Although special discounts are always offered for regular customers.

Every account you set up will be adjusted to meet your particular requirements. We do have some general templates but every feature is absolutely customizable. Your cooperation is needed to set up your account according to your special business demands and structure. Then 24 Answering virtual assistant will use your script to answer your callers.

To sign up for virtual office assistant service, please contact our live support.

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