Every business starts from a proper office. Renting an office space, buying computers, hiring staff, paying monthly utility bills and salaries - does it sound like your dream job? However running a business can be trouble-free when you hire 24 Answering. Our virtual office space is a brilliant solution for those business owners who find in-office staff too expensive to employ. With 24 Answering you can work and travel, you can work from home while your secretarial and office duties are outsourced to 24 Answering professional staff. Our answering services will give you a possibility to have a flexible schedule: you may spend this time on growing your business or searching for new approaches to achieve success. The best part of hiring virtual office staff is one time set up of your account. Now you don’t have to spend hours on the phone or in the office answering numerous questions about your products, giving directions, listening to complaints. You tell 24 Answering virtual staff what you expect us to do. We will answer every inbound calls according to your instructions. We offer numerous additional options so you can choose those you wish to have included in your virtual office account.

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24 Answering Virtual Office System

24 Answering offers several options of virtual office services. Our experienced staff can provide basic live answering services or efficient solutions. Our affordable professional service will win your customers’ trust and provide your company with new sales opportunities. 24 Answering live receptionists offer perfect voicemail alternative. Consider hiring us for professional outbound or inbound services. Any customer support or sales department can be replaced with your virtual staff. The main difference is the pricing, all the rest remain unchanged. You can choose using virtual office on seasonal or on full-time basis.

You are also welcome to contact our Live support with any questions regarding our virtual office service and systems.

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