Internet is the main source of information in our days and there is no doubt that users all over the world enjoy it. Web call center can be the greatest solution for you business. You will make any kind of decisions cooperating with us. It`s a simple and quick way for your customers to visit your site and find information about your offers. All sorts of products and services can be promoted via your website if properly designed and done. Sometimes the visitors can`t find all the necessary information that you have posted online and they need more details. That`s when our web call center starts to work.

Surely there are still a lot of clients who prefer traditional means of communications such as phone or voicemail. Anyway it`s the thing of the past and people want to use new technologies. Many people who are in different businesses are addicted to their laptops and the Internet, because they need information during the whole day. They would gladly use web call center services. This type of support is really powerful. We have only professionals working there who achieved the status of top level operators on the market.

Web Call Center for Your Greatest Sales Opportunities

24 Answering provides sales assistance giving customers great sales opportunities while using web based applications. Our live operators are professionally trained and experienced that can easily give you all necessary information about your services and products. They are available 24/7 for our clients' convenience. Here is the list of most popular services among the users:

  • Live Chat: You can just click away to connect with a sales representative who can answer any question and give information to your website visitors. We take visitors` contact information for further dialogue, follow up and mutual interaction.
  • Telesales: It allows your consumers to use telephone order taking service for purchasing your goods. It is really a good option for consumers.
  • Inbound Sales: Our trained operators never waste a sale opportunity and know how turn your prospect into the customer and how make him/her to come back again. Our professionals can integrate our quality service with your web based catalogue if needed.
  • Customer Service: Live operator support line is always open 24/7.
  • Technical Support: Help desk operators are available around-the-clock providing your consumers with professional support. We can make set up processes for clients, open technical support tickets, troubleshoot technical issues.

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Web Call Center Works for Your Success

Using web cal center in your order processing you can have a lot of benefits that attract your customers for better ordering capabilities. If you want your company sales department to work smoothly add our web call center ordering function. Using your ecommerce site for order entry, you will get professional assistance from our operators. Start working with us today and you will be impressed by our services.

Our specially trained operators know how to produce effective online solutions.

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