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How Answering Service Works

Answering Service works24 Answering provides a wide range of live answering solutions for both large and small businesses. We understand that the needs of companies differ because of the industry they operate within. Besides, the nature of business environment often defines the character of interactions with customers, thus defining the workload of a call center. For this reason we work with every client individually, especially when it comes to pricing.

If you would like to proceed with ordering our service, you should either email or call us explaining what kind of live answering services you are interested in. We may ask you several questions about your business in order to prepare an offer that will meet the requirements and needs of your company. After we reach agreement on the services and price, our professionals will start integrating chosen solutions. We don’t charge anything for the setup – it is absolutely free of charge. The setup may take from 24 hours to several days depending on the complexity of the ordered services.

After everything is set and done, our agents will answer inbound calls/manage live chats/generate leads/transfer calls, etc. (depending on the chosen live answering service). Your callers wouldn’t even know that their calls were diverted to the answering service. 24 Answering will add value to your business by creating a truly professional company image. Automated answering systems or machines work perfectly for customers looking for general information only. They usually cost less than live answering services. Although even the most sophisticated automated systems lack the flexibility and personal attention that a live agent can provide.

“Good afternoon, how can I help you?"

Before we set up our systems to start working for you, we analyze your business environment and customer needs. We also request specific information about your company, its products and services so that we can provide our agents with everything they need to answer the calls in an effective and timely manner. You also can provide specific instructions and guidelines on how to manage your calls, schedule appointments, process orders, etc. Cooperating with 24 Answering you should clearly define what you want us to do. We will do our best to help you succeed. You can even choose specific calls to be redirected from our live operators to you if you wish to deal with certain clients personally.

All information about your company, its products and services as well as your guidelines and specifications will be entered into the script settings. Whenever we have an incoming call from your customer, our live operator will immediately see all necessary details about your company (entered into the script settings) displayed on his monitor. This way our live agents will never forget any details about your company, thus providing high-level support to your clients.

For example, if you use our after hour answering service to make sure you don’t miss an important business opportunity while you are having an important meeting, you can provide us with specific details concerning what you want our operators to do (tell your callers that you're busy on a meeting, out of office, or take the message as your office secretary would do, book an appointment, etc. We can even transfer the call to you or your staff directly). Basically, it goes like this:

  • You choose the services you need and provide us with necessary information and guidelines
  • Whenever someone calls you, the call will be redirected to our answering service
  • Our agent will use the necessary information and strictly adhere to your guidelines displayed on his monitor
  • Our operator will handle the call/chat in a professional manner in accordance with the provided specification and instructions.

24 Answering is perfectly flexible and any instructions concerning your calls management can be changed at any suitable time.

Answering Service Functions: Messages

Personal Answering Service24 Answering can handle your messages and send them to you by email or as text messages. If someone has left a message for you, you might request our agents to send them immediately after the call. Although majority of our clients ask to qualify urgent messages and then send them as a text messages to their cell phones. Many of our clients prefer transferring specific calls or messages to them or their sales department immediately. It is up to you to decide which way of receiving messages is the most convenient for you.

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Choose Your Pricing Plan

You can choose between the dedicated and shared environments depending on what your company needs. In order to get the general idea of what our live answering service will cost your company and the way our fees are charged, you can visit our prices page.

We are trying to be very flexible when it comes to pricing as we understand that every business is unique and the same are the business needs. Therefore, we deal with each and every client individually. Depending on your needs you can use monthly packages of shared environment where you pay for the minutes you use or you can choose between 6hr, 12hr, 18 hr, and 24 hr dedicated environment support. You may want to get both the phone and live chat support or just use a live chat - the price will vary accordingly.

At 24 Answering the fees are charged on the basis of time our agents spend on answering calls/being available for answering calls + chats. Our services can be easily customized; the price may differ as well. We don’t ask for any long-term commitments. With 24 Answering you don’t have to sign any long-term contracts. We take every effort to serve you well so that our assistance help your business succeed.

Setting Your Personal Account

When signing up for our live answering service, you will have to fill in our information forms so that we can provide high-level support effectively meeting your business needs. The information you provide will later be used as the guidelines for our agents and operators on how to answer the calls. We always study and analyze the companies we work with. 24 Answering staff has been trained to give comprehensive customer and administrative support in a wide range of industries. If you cooperate with our professional team, you won’t have to worry about customer complaints or misunderstandings. You even can choose:

  • An opening phrase to be used by our operators while answering incoming calls.
  • Precise instructions as to taking your messages, answering and transferring calls, managing appointments, processing orders, etc.
  • Message delivery method. It can be sent to you by phone, fax, or e-mail. Your messages are always available to you on your personal account on our web site.

24 Answering: Calls Management

24 Answering Answers Your callsWhen there is an incoming call from your prospective or existing client, it will be directed to the most appropriate agent to be answered.

Our advanced software will recognize the number you are provided with and send your personal account details to our live operators so that they can answer a call effectively.

You can also choose to transfer your existing telephone number to Your calls can be forwarded 24/7 or at a certain period of time. Also, you can choose an option of transferring calls when your lines are busy.

We do believe that only industry specialized answering services can bring expected results. Therefore, we take an individual approach to every customer in order to achieve only the best results.

Just consider: no lengthy contracts, affordable prices, high-level support, industry specific solutions, professional team of live operators and agents etc. There is nothing to lose as we guarantee excellent quality services and 24/7 support. We are confident that any business will be able to find effective solutions to improve its performance. We keep improving our communication technologies to satisfy any today’s business requirements of a private entrepreneur as well as of the multi-national corporations.

If your business grows, we dare to predict that your needs will change too. 24 Answering can take the burden of handling calls/chats off your shoulders to let you concentrate on your development. In case your business does not grow, we will love to use our experience and skills to help you achieve your goals.

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