To manage incoming sales calls, using the ability of tracking website leads, one can have a great opportunity to succeed with a new technology, Dynamic Telephone Number Insertion (DTNI). Using websites analytics platform, such as Google, Omniture and others, makes it easier and faster to track closed sales, no matter what kind and origin they can be: social networking, organic search, pay per click, etc. to their point of origin. Hence, using traditional analytic platforms doesn`t allow users to track telephone leads like DTNI can, as they are limited to reporting on leads. It`s well-known that most prospects prefer to talk to live representatives in your office or company. This fact can fairly increase your profits from selling products or offering services to the public. Dynamic Telephone Number Insertion can be a great tool, which should involve more prospects in purchasing process helping contact immediately with callers. Traditional analytics programs do not work so fast and, therefore, they are not as effective as the above-mentioned system is.

It is obvious, that implementing new analytics technology such as DTNI, will be an essential part of your search engine marketing campaign. It will help conduct your search.

What Are the Basics of Dynamic Telephone Number Insertion?

This system can sound fancy and rather complicated to most of the customers. Hence, starting using it, one can realize that this is a simple concept created for customers` convenience. The DTNI website analytic system is used to identify the amount of your phone calls coming from different online marketing campaigns. Then it is possible to see all incoming calls from customers, visiting your website, and make notes of those who are interested in your products and services. These notes are pasted in the masthead of each page.
For instance, you specialize pay-per click services, organic search engine optimization, or banner ads on your online search, then DTNI website analytics program can track the source of those leads. Visitors, who come from banner ads will see one phone number, others, from pay-for-click, will see another one, and those from organic search will see some other number. Furthermore, with Dynamic Telephone Number Insertion, there is a great variety of numbers you will probably need. It depends on how many channels you can track. You can show different telephone numbers to your website visitors depending on what kind of search you prefer and where they come from. Every individual link pointing to your site is managed by DTNI using different telephone numbers. Obviously, there is a fixed price for thousands of telephone numbers which are tracking during the day.

DTNI systems contain latency built into that kind of website analytic technologies, which are mostly cookie-based. To explain that, it`s simple to imagine someone who finds your website through PPC ad and bookmark your site in his/her PC just only for collection or additional information. DTNI system keeps the phone numbers and the information on their PC to remind them to visit your website once again, what most of customers will do. This program allows your latent lead to be provided by certain search engines, such as pay-per-click or banner ads and not any other unknown channel.

You can choose any kind of traffic to answer your telephone calls and communicate with your customers using DTNI information. It will give you a perfect opportunity to identify your phone call amount and different other sources which you use, the data and the status of the prospects with the aim of getting benefits from your work. DTNI will give you information about the prospects that are active, the ones that are closed or dead. It takes some time, but you can succeed using DTNI information in your practice.

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Some Limitations

Dynamic Telephone Number Insertion being a website analytics system may have some limitations in its usage like any other one. In case you decide to use DTNI system utilizing a huge amount of phone numbers, you will not have access to the keyphrase level which you demand to track according to your specifications. When you get the phone call, for instance, from your lead, you won`t know what keyphrase is typed. There can be certain difficulties with anticipation in a marketing campaign as all the traffic to your website is managed by DTNI. All the referrals are noted in real time on your website, so leads must be sent directly to the channel which is served by this analytic system. This program doesn`t guarantee, that all the data of your online marketing campaign will be always precise.

Regardless of these drawbacks, DTNI analytic system attracts more and more users who are eager to use new technological programs to improve their marketing campaigns. Most people consider it to be a great tool to track phone calls, which may lead for future marketing campaigns as well as to evaluate phone calls and all possible online website initiatives.

The companies that worry about all possible sources of their online leads take an advantage to use Dynamic Telephone Number Insertion program.

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