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General Business

We provide general and industry specialized answering services. Numerous options and great attention to details make us the best solution for your business.

24 Answering has several departments specializing in various industries. Each department runs only  particular industry, thus providing  professional services for relevant businesses. Our  medical department would never manage real estate calls. It is obvious that advertising professionals know nothing of car rentals so, unlike many other call centers, we hire the staff experienced in appropriate industry only. Yet some companies do not fit into any category and require some special attention. We still can assist those companies poviding professional answering service. Due to relevant experience and advanced  technologies, professional operators will find proper solution for most if not for all companies. Our supervisors deal with very demanding clients everyday. You can be absolutely sure they know how to meet your particular needs.

While most call centers provide industry specific answering, it is often  impossible to find services dedicated to general business. Our analytics have developed general business answering service. The strategies of this department are developed for general business community. All buisnessmen personal accounts can be customized to special requirements of such an exclusive company.

While our departments give an answering service to those companies that require experts in their industry, 24 Answering created a general business call answering protocol. We offer virtual receptionist services, calls  managing and dispatching, lead capture and qualifying, e-mailing and messaging, etc. It’s hard to overestimate quality customer service. Most  of your potential clients make inquiries or complaints on the phone.  What if the calls are not answered or answered in a wrong way? Our live operators are continuously trained to turn each phone call into a great economic opportunity. It takes a lot of knowledge, experience and patience to turn your complaining customer into satisfied and returning buyer. Communication cab become true art with proper staff. It is more than just answering your calls. It means that our friendly and supportive, willing to listen and understand professionals do everything in th ebest way. Our numerous staff  is managed by experienced supervisor that makes sure that every call is answered within few rings at any time of the day or night.

U.S. companies  are to be served by U.S. answering services. It’s not simply a good idea but  the best business practice as well. 24 Answering employs only US based operators so that no mistakes or faults will be made. American operators always make proper initial impression, perfectly understand the language of callers, thus answer every call professionally. Unfortunatelly, overseas call centers can not boast the same level of service. The language barrier can often become the biggest problem. Misunderstanding may result in clients’ frustration or confusion. Business call answering is definitely not the easiest service. Answering endless calls, taking numerous messages, scheduling thousands of appointments is challenging even for native speakers with American background. Culture differences often make overseas companies absolutely useless for US companies.

24 Answering successfully operates on the US market serving to very different companies. We have every possibility to fulfill the needs of private entrepreneurs and big corporations. We heavily invest in the latest technologies and operators training them to achieve the best results. No task is too easy or too complicated for our experts. We can provide afterhours or seasonal services or become your full-time receptionist, sales department or customer support.

We suggest all our pricing plans on month to month basis. In order to encourage our long-term clients we suggest special prices for those planning to cooperate with us for a long perod of time.

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The best part of  general business answering is that you can decide on every aspect of our service. You can choose every word of the greeting our live operators will use to welcome your callers. You can provide precise instructions for taking messages and calls, making appointments, dispatching. We simply follow your guidelines.

Our live Customer Support is always available for your inquiries. Try to use 24 Answering today!