Low-cost services of courteous and experienced secretary, cheap customer support, very affordable sales department – does all this sound impossible? Is it too good to be true? With 24 Answering all business solutions become absolutely affordable, even for very small budgets.

24 Answering gives numerous business answering solutions to small and big companies across the United States. Nowadays many businessmen find call centers to be very useful in managing their telephone traffic. Professional answering service can effectively replace in-office staff. Our live operators are trained to carry out various functions of office employees. They can answer you calls, take messages, enter and process orders, provide customer support, schedule yourappointments, etc. The main advantage of the above-mentioned solution is the price.

Most companies use 24 Answering on full-time basis. Our live agents are hired to answer calls twenty four hours a day. Any outsourcing of company calls should be well planned and organized. Our answering service takes every business very seriously, we spend a lot of time and effort to set up every account properly, considering every aspect of our cooperation. Our business answering solutions are always unique, worked out to meet the specific needs of a certain company.

While no two companies are similar in their requirements, there are still common factors that can cause success or failure of business communication. We use pre-designed ideas for communication and then customize every individual account to find the most relevant solution. Our sophisticated technology allows to meet precise requirements. Then every time our live operators get a call, they will use your script automatically shown on the screen of their computers. Before they start serving your company they undergo specialized training to learn everything about your industry and your company.

Your Live Virtual Receptionist

The approach to in-office receptionist services keeps changing. Most of private entrepreneurs find expenses for full-time receptionist excessive. Even big companies do not often justify paying a full-time employee. Why would any businessman spend thousands every month on answering telephone calls if the same service can be provided at a reasonable price?. The hourly pay of an in-office receptionist plus taxes, insurance, vocations, etc turns into a very substantial monthly pay. Outsourcing your calls to 24 Answering operators means saving your money and still getting professional services. Our answering service is often used to take off the load of constant routine calls from your receptionist in order to give him/her a possibility of handling more important tasks such as dealing with office clients, processing your orders, etc. We offer urgent calls dispatching, so any emergencies will be handled promptly. It’s not a secret that most of incoming calls are boring, routine inquires that take most of the time and do not bring immediate results. Yet answering machine cannot replace live communication since most of your prospective customers prefer speaking to a person rather than robot before making a decision of buying products from your company. Using our business answering solutions any office can run efficiently. We provide quality customer support, handle orders and sales, we become your right hand in any business communication.

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Affordable Solutions

Saving your money monthly is a great option. Yet usually the cheapest solutions can not provide you with the desired quality services. Sometimes choosing the cheapest ones can mean immediate profit but result in huge losses later. Poor service and missed calls – what else can you expect from an unprofessional cheaters? Your business answering solution should be cost-effective. Quality service can not be too cheap. The money spent on technologies, training, software should obviously influence the final price for the clients. 24 Answering can not boast the cheapest prices but we surely offer you the most reasonably priced solutions. With our live operators, each your client will feel welcome. We provide excellent working conditions for our agents so they like their work and do their best to keep working with us. Moreover, they get special bonuses for happy clients. It means that the quality of their services directly influences their pay. This motivation guarantees perfect service.

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