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Health and Safety

Our Live Operator Answering Service for Elderly Care Professionals, Home Care and Health and Hospice Industry

24 Answering specializes in providing a professional answering service for home health and hospice as well as home care and elderly care professionals.We are able to provide live operator message and dispatch support services. Our 24/7 representatives will take your telephone calls providing all the necessary customer support on demand of your clients according to your specific instructions. We answer all emergency calls immediately. Our operators realize the importance of each call. 24 Answering`s philosophy is to treat each caller with respect.

  • Speed, accuracy and sensitivity – are the three points according to which we answer a call.
  • We take incoming and emergency calls 24/7 with appropriate care to each patient.
  • Our skilled operators work in accordance with your clear guidelines.
  • You can rely on our answering service which will manage all home health and hospice industry.
  • There is a 24/7 access to our customer service account manager.
  • Our prices are affordable and competitive.
  • We provide professional delivery and dispatching message service.

Home health and hospice answering service is professionally and urgently provided by our call center operators. We realize the importance of each telephone call and its emergency, so we provide fast and smooth answering service 24/7. Our physicians or nurses will get calls and messages that need to be handled immediately. Home health and hospice specialists provide professional care in any urgent situation. We pay special attention to all our clients. We know how to communicate with clients in any situation making them sure we can help! 24 Answering offers the most affordable and reasonable prices for Home Health and Hospice Industry.

We have set a flexible pricing system for customers. Please, contact us today at for more detailed information.

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