Positive Response to Patient Needs

Medical Receptionist

Medical receptionist makes first impression and provides first positive response to patient needs. Medical professionals give oral and written responses to patients, schedule appointments and access patient records. They learn anatomy and terminology as a valued member of the medical office team with the aim of communicating with their clients at a professional medical level. Our software gives the opportunity to use computer technology for communicating with customers, transferring calls, dispatching messages and providing live medical answering services. They are based on call processing technologies and call center solutions. We use up-to-date call center software with automated phone systems with interactive voice response. We take care of our patients` health, that is the most valuable resource.

24 Hour Live Answering Service

Our professionals provide excellent live medical answering services. People often prefer to talk to a real person rather than to automated voicemail system. Our specialists do their best to work smoothly and efficiently 24/7/365. Live communication attracts most patients, because it`s an easy process. Using our services patients don`t have to navigate with a confusing list of menu options. Call processing becomes more convenient with a real process, where patients can feel comfortable. Our operators show considerable concern giving customers immediate help. Our clients can send their messages to our medical receptionist office in email format. It is very convenient because they can send and receive email messages anywhere and anytime. If you are looking for professional medical answering services, completely confidential and secure, we are right here!

Our Professional Call Center

Our professional call center make calls using computer telephone technology. We provide highly secure service for our clients doing our best to protect them meeting their needs and desires. Our medical receptionist uses unique call processing equipment combining. Our operators can also transfer your calls. Current reporting online system works to make reports and feedback for our clients. Our medical call center agents are able to schedule, reschedule appointments for you through the web. Experienced managers establish on-call routing for both ordinary and emergency calls. Contact us 24/7 and we will help!

Customer Health Care

Our customized health care center deals with your emergencies and is always available to customers. Our call center agents screen emergency calls. They are transferred immediately to our professionals. Telephone operators receive calls, then take patient`s information and give it to a dispatcher. We work close to doctors and clients. We have highly professional workers who can communicate effectively both with doctors and clients and get a lot of job satisfaction, by being helpful to patients as well as doctors.

Medical Receptionist' Duties

When a patient enters a medical office a receptionist is the first person who meets him. He/she welcomes and registers patients, schedule appointments, answer the questions. He/she is also responsible for answering telephone calls, organizing patient`s records, handling prescriptions, explaining clinic rules while receiving and delivering messages. People who work as medical receptionists are responsible for some routine work in medical offices. They are responsible for all front desk activities. Besides all these duties, medical operators must have good communicative skills, ability to interact effectively with people of all backgrounds. They are supposed to respect clients, maintain their privacy and be polite.

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