Small law firms and solo practitioners are often faced with the challenge of providing quality customer service. They are particularly susceptible to broad market and economic changes, and they need to develop effective solutions to meet customer demands. It goes without saying that any instance of using legal services can be extremely traumatic for clients, especially when it comes to resolving family conflicts or dealing with the loss of family members or significant others. Certainly, the benefits of running a small law firm or working as a solo practitioner cannot be underestimated. These include flexible work schedules and friendly environment, as well as informal atmosphere and close contacts with clients. Yet, the latter are impossible if small law firms and solo practitioners cannot answer calls, make appointments, send and receive messages, and provide quality customer service. It means that you can manage to take all your calls, arrange meetings and receive messages. A live answering service assures clients that their needs are met without any delay.

The benefits of using a live answering service by small law firms and solo practitioners are numerous. First, customers can easily get in touch with you, 24/7 and 365 days a year. A qualified receptionist will take all your calls in an efficient, professional, and polite manner. It is much better than employ numerous staff on a daily basis and spend huge resources on training and maintaining qualified specialists. Everyone benefits from cooperation with 24 Answering: companies expand their customer base, whereas new and current customers acquire easy access to legal advice. Second, live answering service makes it easier to make appointments, send and receive messages. Actually, this answering service creates the foundation for developing a productive system of quality customer service, which is also cost-efficient. Cooperating with us, clients will feel more comfortable. It can provide quality and easy-to-comprehend information about available options. Prioritization is important, too: urgent calls will be immediately transferred to responsible employees or solo practitioners. This way, small law firms and legal practitioners can no longer fear that they will miss an important call.

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