Whether automated services benefit or impede business growth is a difficult question. In the age of information technologies, human interaction becomes a luxury. Yet, despite recent achievements in communication technologies, people still seek live customer support. Statistically, seventy percent of clients calling a certain company and hearing a voicemail simply hang up. In other words, companies that rely solely on an automated phone answering service risk to lose 70 percent of potential clients. Nevertheless, no customer support is possible without automated systems. The latter should always operated by a team of qualified live operators.

We at 24 Answering assure you that an automated telephone answering service, provided by skilled agents, can be of great value to businesses. This service is equally beneficial for small and large companies. Companies choose to use it for many reasons. In most cases, it is a cost-effective support. When live operators are no longer capable of handling inbound calls, this service can become a real savior for companies and their clients.

Automated Telephone Answering Works – But ...

Modern service providers offer a wide range of automated telephone answering service options. For example, we can re-transfer customer calls directly to your cell phone. We can convert incoming calls and messages into a .WAV file. With front-end advanced technologies, everything is possible. 24 Answering has always been at the forefront of the call industry technological race. Being a leader among the best automated answering service providers, we know that an answering machine service is the source of numerous benefits, including:

  • Cost-effectiveness: an automated answering service reduces your operational and labor costs and can save you thousands of dollars every month;
  • Reliability: the service is available 24/7/365, without sick leaves, vacations, or holidays;
  • Enhanced business opportunities: technological advancement has no limits – an automated answering service can work like a simple answering system or a sophisticated PBX;
  • Customization: we guarantee that we work to meet your needs and requirements;
  • Announcements: you can use our providers to announce events, monitor event registration, and provide related services.

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