Nowadays people have very busy offices, very tight schedules and deadlines. Keeping track of everyone and everything is often impossible yet necessary task. 24 Answering will help you! Live reservation operator will  free you and your in-office staff from complicated procedure of managing all the appointments, reservations and meeting. Now you can concentrate on achieveing other objectives. We can perfectly fulfill numerous office tasks. 24 Answering live operators will  schedule your appointments and meetings,  plan your tasks,  manage your clients’ inquiries and answer calls. Boost your productivity with professional assistance of skilled and experienced  live agents!

Our staff will become your virtual receptionist. Our specialists are always available, friendly and  supportive. Psychological aspect of our services is important both for you and your customers. With us, your every client will be treated with respect. Numerous features of this service include organizing meetings and making reservations in real-time. Shared online calendar will be used for managing your calls or taking  messages from your prospective customers. Our operators will take all the information concerning an event including contact details so that you can call back later for confirmation. 24 Answering live operators will fulfill general messaging duties for  inbound non-scheduling calls. From now on your staff's work will no longer be interrupted by phone calls. We will confirm  all your future appointments. Your front desk experts  will now have more time for in-office visitors.

You will get an easy cost-effective solution which saves time, prevents overbooking, and exceeds your client expectations. Please be sure to ask your representative about the various solutions we offer. We can utilize your web site for reservations and we also offer an in-house solution.

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Your meetings can be  viewed after logging to your online calendar. We can also  send a message with an appointment information request. It is up to you to decide whether to confirm it or not. 24 Answering general messaging  services are usually included to your scheduling account. Your general messages can be delivered by your choice at no additional charge. We suggest several options to meet the needs of the most demanding customers: call in, call out (to cell phone, home phone etc.), web page, e-mail messaging, text messaging, voice mailbox, file downloading or exporting, etc. All the accounts get final summary of the processed calls.

Your customized online calendar is our optional service. It  can be used for shared scheduling (24 Answering office and yours). We can either work with your current online calendar or create customizable application for your company.

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