How many times you ended a day in frustration that your staff can not manage the increasing volume of calls? How many times you regretted you can't afford hiring extra staff to manage your office better? Our live answering service can make it happen. We present affordable quality for every budget. At the cost of hiring your in-office full-time receptionist, you can afford several live operators answering your calls around the clock. 24 Answering professionals are trained to be friendly and courteous no matter what, they can take messages, answer your calls, provide customer and sales support - carry out any duties your office staff does and all this 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Many 24 Answering clients ask for regular message delivery, we suggest several option including:

  • Immediate e-mail delivery
  • Text messages sent to your cell phone
  • Faxed message summaries
  • On-line registry

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Every 24 Answering account is individually settled. All the options of your monthly plan can be customized according to your company's needs and budget. 24 Answering live answering services can be ordered at any time to handle any volumes of calls. Most features can be adjusted during our cooperation.

Every account can include a number of additional service in addition to general live answering and message taking:

Can I Afford Live Answering?

You have no idea how reasonably the price of our live answering can be. Literally, any budget can afford ordering 24/7 hour answering service. Every account can have only those feature you find the most attractive to your business. There are no obligations of lengthy contracts and you can choose a cooperation on a monthly basis. You can decide if you hire us for 24/7 support or only for week-ends or holidays. Some companies choose 24 Answering only for lunch hours and extended hours. Others find that we can help them on seasonal basis. For example, travel agencies usually use us for summer and holiday seasons when the number of calls they get is beyond their in-office staff abilities.

You are most welcome to get in touch with 24 Answering Live Support to start using our services today or simply learn any additional information about our live answering service!

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